Advocate for an Underdog

Jun 16, 19

Censorship is a very important topic when it comes to freedom of speech and expression. The internet as we know it is controlled by a select few major players and as such these same players also control the majority of content on the internet. Artists and musicians in particular have been forced to be part of multinational conglomerates that while may make your music popular, is at the expense of the actual artist being compensated. The "middle man" has existed far too long, claiming rights to other peoples intellectual IP. All this changes with blockchain and applications like Honest Cash. Honest Cash gives creators the power to control their own content by having control of their private key. This is one of the most powerful innovations since the advent of the internet, given the way our world produces and consumes digital media. I am very excited by the possibilities blockchain and applications like Honest Cash will bring for us all. I would personally like to shout out @idunsquest on Honest.Cash for being one of the first active users and supporters of Honest Cash and @numberofthings. And of course to @honest_cash for the opportunity. We are part of history !!


Numberofthings is a number of things

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