Top 10 mining pools of 2018

Jun 16, 19

The minging of cryptocurrencies have existed since the start of the bitcoin Blockchain network. Now the mining of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, dash, Zcash etc. have been very profitable throughout the years. In this article, we will look at the top 10 Ethereum minging pools of 2018.

Number 1. Miningpoolhub

The mining pool ensures that there is a hash rate of over 7.6 percent in the mining pools that are from the miningpoolhub community. The pool also looks for professionals in the field of cryptocurrency and Blockchain who are available across the world. 

Number 2. Ethpool/Ethermine

The Ethpool and Ethermine are two of the most preferred by the Ethereum Miners with good gains that can be earned mining cryptocurrencies. This is currently one of the most powerful pools with a network hash rate of over 25%. 

Number 3. The Nanopool

The Nanopool is the third and most largest Ether mining pool available in pool minging, with a hash rate reaching over 13 percent. The pool is said to have more than 40,000 ether miners in place. 

Number 4. Dwarfpool

This minging pool is one of the most versatile pools known to individuals and is used to mine various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and others. The hash rate currently consists of more than 4.3 percent. 

Number 5. F2pool

The F2pool has been in existence for more than 2 years and accounts for more than 25 percent of all the hash rates. 

Number 6. Ethfans 

This mining pool can be found in China, with a current hash rate of approximately 8.6 percent. The Ethfans mining pool has also brought forward the language problem that users face in order to reach global adoption. 

If you have great language skills, however, this may not be a problem and you can align yourself with the Asian Ether hunters.

Number 7. Weipool

This mining pool stands out from the other mining pools because it does not require you to register before you will be able to mine. The pool does require you to have at least mined one ether before the user will be able to withdraw profits. 

Number 8. MaxHash

This mining pool has a very fast connection, has a powerful server across the world and around the clock monitoring. The Max hash pool should be a great start out pool for those looking to mine Ethereum. The community of MaxHash developers always ensure that a miner can get the best tips for the mining of Ether. 

Number 9. Coinotron

In Europe, the best mining pool can be found called Coinotron, with some great DDos protection of server, together with a 24/7 hour progressive monitoring. Fast payments are the first thing on the pools agenda.

Number 10. CoinMine

CoinMine invites everyone to join the mining pool with its platform ready to mine Ether. There is a 0.1 ETH threshold with a one percent fee being charged per rewards. One of the great things about this pool is that you do not need to register in order to start mining. Which means users of the platform can mine Ether anonymously. 

This was the list that we wanted to share with you about the mining of Ether, a recommendation is to choose a pool that is compatible with your personal needs. Bitcoin mining remains one of the most preferred and profitable inMing the cryptocurrency industry and also has some top Bitcoin mining pools.

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