The process of merge minging and how it works

Jun 16, 19

What is merge mining 

This process of mining is based on the Auxiliary Proof-of-Work process that comes from the practice of simultaneously ming more than one cryptocurrency. The mining of two different cryptocurrencies simultaneously relatively new to the industry, with the introduction of multiple currencies being created. The process is still not as prevalent as Proof-of-Work or as  Proof-of-Stake process and it's consensus algorithms.There are currently a few of the mining projects that have employed the merge mining process in order to use the existing infrastructure on more secure networks as it develops. 

The merge mining process works like the following. Merge minging involves an auxiliary chain together with a more established parent chain. In order for two cryptocurrencies to be mined, both chains need to have the same hashing algorithm. Two great cryptocurrencies to be used in merge mining are Bitcoin and Namecoin mining as pairs.

We will be using Bitcoin as the parent chain and Namecoin as the child chain, which will be using the Bitcoin's Network. These cryptocurrencies are using the SHA-256 hashing algorithm in order to process the mining algorithm procedures.

The implementation of the merged mining process 

Miners do not need any additional computing power in order to mine these two cryptocurrencies, as it is just as efficient as mining the parent coin. There is only an additional mining support setting-up that is needed in order to complete this process. 

The miner first starts by gathering a block of transactions for each chain. The Namecoin can be used here to include a standard set of transactions and the Bitcoin Blockchain can do the same when these techniques are applied. 

This process of merge mining sends a bitcoin block of transactions to the blockchain, which then is also used to mine Namecoin, as the difficulty level of bitcoin is higher than Namecoin in order to mine the Namecoin block. This allows you to receive both mining rewards coins.

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