What do I want to do in life?

Jun 16, 19

I have a very different issue these days, very different from my usual problems, I don’t know exactly what I want to do in life besides the usual basic goals like traveling and find the love my life ( if she exists).

What changed now?

I usually had the same goal which is to be successful at programming and live in Europe or US ( not anymore ).

I Started by earning more money than my parents then I decided to start my mission to travel the world then decided to live abroad.I’ve already done all those things and I’m 18 now. since I’ve moved to live outside Egypt I’ve started to feel alone but now things are generally better. I still feel alone but not as alone as before. I started to feel like I have no true specific goal because I’ve reached the ones I grew up having them in my mind.

Getting older …

I started feeling like I’m an adult which is both sucks and good. one of my short-term goals right now is to find a good apartment with good rent in a good location. I also never felt like I should have a girlfriend I grew up wanting to have in the future but apparently, this future is here. however, I’m not actively looking for a girlfriend which is neither correct nor wrong.

 What am I doing in my life these days?

I did a small weird shift in my career just to try it ( i don’t hate my original carrier) I accepted a job as a growth specialist ( my job is to increase users in a certain market ) which is a sales/marketing job and I have never done that before. I’m also still working remotely but part-time and still programming student. People keep telling me that I’m smart, I’ll do great things and that they didn’t do any of what I’m doing now at the age of 18 while I still don’t think I’m smart or doing huge things.

What’s my plan?

I honestly don’t know what’s my plan. I have basic to-dos that should help me figure what's next stage for me but during all this am sure that I’ll always try to do one thing that I’ll never stop doing which is traveling.

Thanks for your time.

A guy who loves to build new projects and conquer new challenges. starting programming at the age of 10. love traveling and have been to 15 countries so far. 19 years old and studying Software development and entrepreneurship.

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31 May 19 01:16

Try minimalism instead.


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