My Bitcoin Cash Story - Feelings Of Betrayal And Anger

Jun 16, 19

This article was inspired by a newcomer who came into crypto last year (2018) and asked the question, why can’t BTC and BCH just get along? Indeed, it is a valid question for most newcomers. Therefore, I feel it is important to share about the history of Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin back in 2009. Shortly after, he disappeared and handed over the control to Gavin Andresen. Gavin was the head developer of Bitcoin and contributed massively to the growth of Bitcoin in the early years. As the popularity continues to grow, a bunch of scheming developers came along, pretending to help with the development work. After they had earned the trust from Gavin Andresen, these scheming traitors quickly stole control of the Bitcoin project and kicked out Gavin Andresen. How would you feel if someone pretends to be your friend, came into your house, and then kicked you out of your own house?

Next, put yourself in the shoes of the early adopters whom dedicated years of their lives spreading the message of Bitcoin leading to its early popularity and success. Then they got silenced by the censorships and banning of anyone who dares question or speak up against the atrocities. How would you feel if you spent years of your life working to build up Bitcoin, only to see someone else hijacked your work, and when you speak up, they punch you in the face?

By hijacking the Bitcoin project and deliberately making fees high, the malicious unethical BTC developers had harmed the project massively. Who in their right mind would use Bitcoin when it has high fees, unreliable and slow? Source:

As Bitcoin investors, how would you feel if the company you invested in lost over 50% marketshare because the malicious people running it sabotaged the project through very deliberate malicious activities?

And that’s not all. I can name so many other dirty tricks that BTC people are doing against Bitcoin Cash, such as trying to name it “bcash”, using social attacks and distancing it from the original project. Source:

I feel really bad for Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen when they tried to rescue the project. Their work got DDOS attacked so badly that the rescue attempt of the Bitcoin project failed before it can even begin. Source:

And for the sake of brevity, I have yet to touch on the toxic BTC community of spreading propaganda, lies, deception, constant trolling and harassments of the Bitcoin Cash community. And I have not touched on the smearing campaign against Bitcoin Cash supporters.

Please don’t tell me not to be angry. When treated so badly by unethical scums like that, I have every right to be angry. And I will use these righteous anger to spread Bitcoin Cash to as much people as I can, for as long as I live. And people like me will never give up until I feel a sense of vindication. Peer to peer cash, which is Bitcoin Cash now, can improve humanity and bring economic freedom to the world, and each year this gets delayed, thousands if not millions of human lives had to suffer or die unnecessarily. And their blood is on the hands of those malicious actors. So please don’t tell me not to be angry when real human lives are affected.


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23 Apr 19 06:26

BTC was really hijacked

I had a hard time at deserting BTC, as a n00b being suckered into believing the most outrageous lies. The people that were the driving force behind BTC as a money defected to BCH during the split. Right now BTC is just a HODL wallstreet traders playground IMO.

Lie #1 BCH Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and most hashpower is rented by third party mercenary like mining groups.

Don't know why anyone would think AWS would work as it's a ASIC minable coin, unless they were n00bs at the time.

Lie #2 Every coin but the first Bitcoin (BTC) "is a scam".

Just some philosophical metaphysical BS.

Lie #3 Central China Coin and it's only a payment system.


Lie #4 Jihan Wu helped fork Bitcoin Cash to earn a higher mining reward.

Turned out to be a complete lie, since BCH mining reward was actually lower than BTC most of it's lifespan due to that difficulty adjustment thing, right?

Just mute those Twitter sockpuppet accounts feeding you outrageous lies like those.

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