Hachiman (Shinto God of Warriors)

Jun 20, 19

This another commissioned artwork for a series of Mythological Creatures and Gods, this time this one is about the Shinto God of Warriors, Hachiman.

In Japanese beliefs, Hachiman (Japanese: 八幡神 Hepburn: Hachiman no kami/Hachiman-shin, also known as Yahata no kami) is the syncretic divinity of archery and war,[1][2][3] incorporating elements from both Shinto and Buddhism.[4] Although often called the god of war, he is more correctly defined as the tutelary god of warriors.[4][5] He is also the divine protector of Japan, the Japanese people and the Imperial House, the Minamoto clan ("Genji") and most samurai worshipped him. The name means "God of Eight Banners", referring to the eight heavenly banners that signaled the birth of the divine Emperor Ōjin. His symbolic animal and messenger is the dove.

Wikipedia Article

Bellow you can appreciate in a GIF the initial sketch and then creation process with vectors.


Creative Commons - @melooo182

Artist/Designer/Illustrator/Curator - Travelling South America, follow me on my journey

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