Test to see if honest is working again.

Sep 18, 19

Test test test. here is a youtube video.

Working so far.

Let's try a picture. 

So far so good. 

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18 Sep 19 02:30

Well well well - for the first time in weeks I can login again.

With yet another new empty wallet.

I reckon so much of all this anguish could be avoided by simply letting people work from a memo.cash address and leave the login authentication to the memo.cash system which seems to work far better than almost anything else out there.

But here is hoping they get more progress in stability whatever they do.

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17 Sep 19 09:17

can't see the video.

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17 Sep 19 11:04

You are right, I can't see the video either. I do see it in the editor.

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19 Sep 19 11:39

I like publishing on the clean and simple Honest Cash platform. However, I approach the platform with the nagging feeling I will be logged automatically. One constantly checks the wallet balance, until the balance doesn't show anymore. For this reason, I edit my posts on a separate text editor, hoping that the html or markdown codes I have in the txt file will display correctly once I paste it into the editor and hit "publish". I've given up trying to remember how to activate the markdown feature in the HC editor. I am aware there is a telegram group but visiting there, one is flooded by so much pro-imperialist propaganda. I enter this space wishing that somehow, someday, things will be ironed out. Then I leave disappointedly with a sigh, "not today".

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