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Jun 16, 19

I would like to introduce myself as a new user on My name is Jared and I am a Crypto Researcher and digital marketer. Currently, I'm self employed as I own a marketing company called Web Marketing LLC. I have been following Crypto since 2014 and I founded my company in 2010.

I'm very passionate about Crypto and I push myself to learn new things about the industry every day. I believe Crypto will make the world a better place for a large number of people and disrupt the status quo. I am partial to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as I view it as the network with the best chance of gaining mass adoption at this time. In future articles, I will discuss why I believe Bitcoin Cash has what it takes to grow like wildfire. On occasion, I share price targets and fundamental research I have gathered on coins and tokens that are undervalued.

There is much more to this planet than is commonly thought to be true. I plan on sharing insights that I have gathered over the years and some interesting stories as well. My life is rarely boring but contains extreme highs and lows. I believe life can't be controlled so I just go along for the ride. Everyone has their own hand of cards to play during this lifetime and I've found comparing myself to others is ineffective and unhelpful.

I'm also passionate about Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Electric Cars (EV), Space, Technology, Marketing, Mindfulness, Science and everything Crypto. Surfing the web is in my opinion one of the best ways to learn about any subject without even leaving your computer.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being a part of the Honest Cash community going forward!

You can read more about my company, crypto blog and Twitter profile at the below links:

Web Marketing LLC -

My Crypto Blog -

Twitter -

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