I quit my job to start a new life with  bitcoin cash.

Jun 16, 19

** Good day to all!


I write through a translator as I live in Ukraine.

If you do not know, this is a country in the center of Europe, we are located near Russia.

I discharged from my job. I was an engineer.

Someone will laugh, but my salary was 400 dollars)

I worked in a factory that manufactured industrial type fans and air conditioners. At some point I was just tired and wanted to change jobs. It turned out to be harder than I thought.

I am very interested in learning Bitcoin and its altcoins. And I hope to change my life in the future using cryptocurrency.

I can buy cryptocurrencies for my last 700 dollars and then earn money on the difference. I am thinking of investing in bitcoin cash.

Now it costs 4000 and if it rises to 450 then for me it is very good)

If there are people here who are interested, except cryptocurrency, to hear the story from my life.

Write in the comments)

I would like to write here on a variety of topics!

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29 May 19 02:23

Welcome to #bitcoincash world! Ukraine is a destination I would like to visit someday. Met two nice Ukrainian when I was in Bali.

At the moment the price is going strong $430. So since you're new, it is fair to mention that Bitcoincash was priced over $4000 in end of 2018.

Invite more friends to try bitcoincash. Because with a community then it goes forward. Send to others. Offer to pay for meal using Bitcoincash. Likewise, offer to receive payment in Bitcoincash. It will be a great hedge against currency manipulation such as when there are political problems.

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28 May 19 11:55

Please do not "invest" the last of your funds in crypto, even if it's Bitcoin Cash! One should always have some cushion against volatility. If there's a big dip tomorrow, your family can be in trouble.

Buy some, try spreading the fun around (toss 50 cents to your friends and family and have them try it), try to get your favorite shops to try it. Have fun doing it, don't stress out, don't think of get-rich-quick. Buy what you can afford and keep what you feel comfortable with, and enjoy the community.

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