How to make a cryptocurrency portfolio?

Jun 16, 19

How to make a cryptocurrency portfolio?

Many people write to me on the blog in a personal request to help on the portfolio. I do not refuse anyone, but often I face unsolved questions. Type how to sell some shitty who has dropped 8 times to Bitcoin and is trading on a pair of second-third echelon exchanges? And they give such names that even I have not heard them, and I have been on the topic since 2016.

The only answer is to find the deer who will buy it. But this is already beyond the scope of trading; here begins social engineering :)

The question is: why should I buy it and why did the person decide to do this? In 90% of cases, it was like this; having learned that a lot of money can be raised in a crypt, a person buys Bitcoins, then he finds a Telegram-channel with VIP-signals. What he gets there further depends on the quality of the signals that he has found, but he will definitely have some amount of shitty skin that is difficult to sell, even with a minus of 50%.

I'll tell you about my portfolio. He has such a structure since the middle of 2017, and even in the harsh cryptozyme of 2018, he brought about 200% of the profits in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Ether-HODL. 60% of the portfolio. Everything is clear, if you believe in the development and growth of the crypto market, the flagships should make up the bulk of the portfolio. If you do not believe in the growth and development of a crypto market, then look from the side and fight to kill yourself against the wall when Bitcoin costs 100K.

In addition, Light is on HODL (5%). With it, too, everything will be fine in the long run.

Altcoins. 30% of the portfolio. There are two principles. First, do not take the shithead, to which I include everything that is not included in the TOP-20 capitalization. I make an exception only for HT, as the token of one of the top exchanges, and Wawes, as well as BAT, because there are powerful real products with practical value. OMG is also in the portfolio, but here I just have an insider, and the amount is insignificant.

Separately, I would single out the BNB, which pulled me the result of 2018. Minus- it all depends on the exchange, that is, it does not have decentralization.

Margin trading on So far, 5%, but I will increase, a very good tool, giving the opportunity to squeeze the maximum profit with limited risks. But it is when used correctly, to a quick fiasco here is one step. I will tell about this topic separately.

Establish for yourself the structure of your portfolio and stick to it. This will speed the path to success.

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