Cryptovalet and my son - what can be common?

Jun 16, 19

Cryptovalet and my son - what can be common? Money today, a lot of money is going on a child, so my goal is to raise capital on bitcoin cash. What is Bitcoin today today?

The success of the BTC is due primarily to the popularity of the BCH, because in the fact of the drainage changes in the network did not happen, not counting the volume of blocks. In the first days, the sobcosity was reacted to him, but after a while the Bitcoin Cash crypto currency was added and the exchanges, and pools.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash:

▪️The finding of the new block needs little less than the search for the unit in the BTC. Given that until his price is much lower than the BCH, it is more profitable;

▪️higher transaction speed and relatively lower commission;

▪️there is protection against replay and erase data;

▪️there is support for multiple versions of their software.

Unlike other forks and clones of Bitcoin, BCH can rightfully be considered the most successful. It is difficult to say what the secret of his success is, because there are many unpredictable things in the cryptocurrency world. But you can assume. First, for the BTC is the first fork of this magnitude. And all attempts repeating the same have already not been answered by investors. Secondly, the developers of BCH did not pursue the goal to make drastic changes in the chain. They limited themselves to eliminating the most serious flaws of the original Bitcoin. And judging by the interest of investors, they did it. BCH is an excellent coin for diversifying risks, which should be added to Ripple and Monero in the investment portfolio, not counting the main BTC and ETH.

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