SLP Token That Is Pegged To Something Stable During A Recession?

2019-08-17T22:08:48.000Z Honest Cash

I know there are a lot of tokens out there.  Has anyone ever made one that is pegged to something that is either stable or increases in value historically recession or not?  I'm not into the whole trading thing or following markets so I really don't know where people put their money during a recession to make money.  It has to go somewhere. 

I tried some quick searches on historical prices for different elements.  Easy to find data was limited to things like gold an silver.  Platinum seemed to do well but it still goes down.  One thing I did find and it is something that I actually am familar with and invest in:  Beer of all things.  Since 1982 the price of a 6 pack of beer has remained around $4 when adjusted for inflation.  It has nearly always increased in value when not adjusted for inflation.  There is a nice little chart here:

It seems a token pegged to beer would be more stable than USD or gold.  Beer might not even be the most stable.  Sure to be other things that either increase in value over time.  So you market guys out there any ideas?