Say Hello To My Beast

2019-08-12T04:52:55.000Z Honest Cash

This is my beast.  It's my little hedge trimmer.  This is what I use to trim my shrubs and hedge row.  It's what I just used to trim behind my tomato plants.

Hedge Trimmer

Gas powered with 24" blades.  36" blades are available but I never forked out the cash for them.  I need them but I doubt I can even find them anymore.  If you think that is scary well it gets even bigger:

Hedge Trimmer Extended

It gets even longer that that.  I have one more extension bar for it.  I didn't use that so I didn't take any pics with it.  It's heavy to start with.  With 1 extension the torque of the weight of the blades wears you out fast.  With 2 bars it's almost unmanageable.   I only use 2 bars for the absolute tops.  I angle the blades to 90 degrees to cut those.  I doubt I will do that this year.  I paid someone to do it a few years back because I was sick and they screwed them up.  Then we had heavy snow and it broke a lot of them down.  Really need to take them all out and put in a wall instead.  I will do that as soon as BCH hits 25k. Here's a close up of the business end:

Hedge Trimmer Blades

They are still covered in the blood of their victims.  You don't want to get on their bad side.  They will cut though an inch and a half branch in a second or 2. They will even take down some 2 inch ones.  Depends on the type and flexibility of it.  Fingers would be no match. 

I actually bought it for my Dad back in 2004.  He used it once but due to his extremely bad back (it broke 3 times due to degenerative arthritis and was mostly built of titanium) he had a very hard time with it.  He actually built and machined a stand for it.  It would mount to a brass swivel on a pole.  The pole was mounted to a frame made of wood and PVC pipe.  The top and bottom was wood.  There were 2 sized of PVC pipe that fight inside each other.  This allowed it to slide up and down.  Few set screws to hold it in place.  It allowed the trimmer to be balanced and swivel.  It let him use it but moving it around took a lot of time. 

This is when I grabbed it and just did the whole thing in a few hours.  Beer power.  Big mistake.  I've been stuck with doing it ever since.  Well except for the years when I was too sick to use it.  Damn infections.  Got bit by either a spider or millipede back in I think 2010.  Infections ever since.  That brought about the end of my gardening in 2011.  Well until now. 

Anyway 2 days of trimming (3 if you count last week) and my whole body hurts.  The vibrations are great on the good old carpel tunnel too.