Just realized Blockstream and their cohorts resembles a government.

2019-08-13T07:20:00.000Z Honest Cash

Just browsing and downvoting the trolls on r/btc when I made a comment about Blockstream.  Then it hit me.  Blockstream is basically working like the government.  Here's what I came up with:

* Blockstream: Basically a dictatorship that acts like the US Government

* Tether: The US Treasurery.  Can print money at will with no real backing needed

* Bitfinex:  The Federal Reserve.  It's the central banking system. 

* Axa:  Represents itself.  Big money controlling government policy just like they do with the US Government. 

* Bitfury:  The IRS.  They investigate and track the money.

* Hords of paid shills and trolls:  The CIA.  Clearly black ops to control the narritve.

* Slush:  Secret Service Attempts to protect Government cohorts when something goes wrong.

* Theymos:  FCC:  Controls all the censorship.

Sure there are probably others that would make the list too but I'm too tired to think about it now.

It seems like they are trying to become their own governing body.  Kind of makes sense in a strange sort of way. 

* Thanks to lubokkanev for the FCC/Theymos addition.