Garden Update -- 400!!!

2019-08-15T03:59:00.000Z Honest Cash

Well I picked cucumber number 400 today followed by 401, 402 and 403.  Yes my little cucumber corner has now produced over 400 cucumbers.  Unfortunately the plants seem to be starting to wind.  I think the heat took a big toll on them this year.  Probably be a challenge to make 500.  I do have a few plants just coming up in some other planters so it's possible. 

Cherry tomatoes are moving right along.  Picked 8 more of those today.  Still need to go get tomato stakes.  Been too tired from being stressed out to drive. 

Raccoons finally got another watermelon.  Seems the point of failure of my cages was heavy rain.  Looks like it raised the ground up under one corner of the cage allowing them to get the small watermelon out from under it.  Same thing they did to that one before.  It wasn't in very good shape from being clawed up a bit before so it didin't really grow much. 


* Cucumbers: 403

* Cherry Tomatoes: 13

* Zucchini: 26

* Watermelon: 1