Could "Liquid Maintenance" Along With Tether Be Used To Manipulate Markets

Aug 12, 19

One of Blockstreams stated goals for tether is for it to be used for exchanges to quickly transfer between each other.  With the recent "liquid maintenance" I started wondering could Bitfinex/Blockstream use these types of outages to further manipulate the price of BTC and other cryptos?  If exchanges are relying on fast transactions between each other to try to keep prices stable between them what happens when they can't do that?  They can't use BTC because it's to slow and no guarantee of getting into the next block.  Now add a sudden minting of a few hundred million tether while it's down. 

Another thing that would be possible is for blockstream to say liquid is down but still allow their own transaction.  Move a bunch of BTC between exchanges during a tether pump when no one else can.  They could just call it  test. 

It seems to me there is huge potential for manipulation here.  Blockstream has a huge conflict of interest with liquid/tether/Bitfinex. 

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