and Coinspice article links now being censored on steemit/steem

Aug 13, 19

A group of people have now started censoring links to articles on and Coinspice. I have been sharing links to these articles for years but in the last 2 days many have been censored and hidden on the platform. While they still exist on the blockchain they can't be seen by anyone on the site. Steemit/Steem was supposed to be a censorship free social media site. It's now become a pay to censor site. The next hard fork will include incentives for censoring content.

This is a perfect reason why we need a censorship free social media site on bitcoin cash. is a good start but we need a bigger reddit style site for not only original content but sharing.

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8 Aug 19 10:17

Peertube client is hosted by many networks. It's like IPFS version of Youtube, thought also can hide videos like the flaggers on Steemit/Steem :(

But at least the "flaggots" don't make you waste money paying to post stuff, like STEEM Platform.

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