Jun 16, 19

There's need to desire the best even at the point of receiving the worst. We Might not have the best Background, may not enjoy the best childhood as others, may not have the kind of life some had while growing, maybe born in the worst side of the country. Yet I really want you know that', that's never a determining factor about what you do, neither does it determine your future. It doesn't even determine whether you will be successful in that business or not.

You are made to live the best, you are configured to win, yes! Why aren't things working Out, if am configured to win? I would simple say, that's just ways it may not work out as well we have many other ways it would work out. Get off the bed of Dream and start building the Dream, did I just say building your dream? Yes Building the dream life, not live the dream life. That's implies there's a process that birth a result. There is a step and a process that lead to a profitable and flourishing business.

People aren't interested in the process but result you give out, don't rush to let people have the result you gat, keep calm work. Let the result speaks for itself. Be passionate in what you do. Be passionate in your businesses. Be strong to overcome shortcomings, stand tall to see the future and let your mission birth your Vision.

I believe strongly that we all deserve the best no matter what, Our generation Won't regret our existence. Explore your potential, explore yourself and give the world the best.

Am a Structural Engineer and I write about crypto, science and business related articles.

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