Gameloft v. The World (Part 1)

Jun 16, 19

Arguably, Gameloft is the biggest mobile game producing company I have ever encountered. Indeed, I have played many other impressive games from other impressive producers, but Gameloft's consistency and ingenuity repeatedly overthrows competition. In this article, I will outline few games I have played and see if we can strike a balance between The World and Gameloft.

I play mostly action games. Shooters, fighting and racing games are my favourite categories. I don't do puzzles as I think I may not be smart enough, but action games are my forte. Matter of fact, I can genuinely say I have played most of the incredible action games on Google Play store. When I say incredible, I mean games with really great 3D graphics, mostly console quality, and great action in the games. So of course, there could be great 2D games out there, that I've not played, but they would not be counted as incredible. So this post is not any work of research. This post is a matter of experience. I intend to give insights I have garnered personally from playing these games.


Many of us know this company. Personally, but for their consistency problems, I would think they're a perfect match for Gameloft. But I would not be quick to blame them, Activision produced games a long long time ago, before I even owned a smartphone. So their extinction is only natural. My favourite of their works is the Call of Duty series.

We all know this game on Xbox and PS4. Call of Duty is one of the most sought after games by console gamers all around the globe (and if you've not played COD on console, brooooh?), and the mobile version is INCREDIBLE. Call of Duty: Strike Team is a total mini-version of the console graphics. What is more astonishing is the release year, 2013, and I didn't even know mobile 3D games of that calibre existed. It is roughly 900mb to 1gb of space and I think it's a fair number for the quality of graphics the game delivers. As a matter of fact, many argue that Gameloft copied Activision's ideas when they created Modern Combat 4. There are many lookalikes (like in COD when a kill is done and the player says "dropped", MC4 does same with the player yelling " enemy killed".) So after the Modern Combat series, Call of Duty is one game I never tire of playing.


Nobody knows these dudes, probably. At least I don't, but these guys got on my radar when they released a much anticipated mobile game called FZ9- Timeshift.

The game is an online action game where player has the ability to slow time and perform madass actions like dodge bullets and the lot. The graphics is, of course, console quality too. I must say I was really impressed with this work, I thought Hiker would release another banger. But honestly, I never got to finish the game. Unlike other online games, FZ9 was a data-drain and data for gaming in Nigeria is rather expensive. I was gonna be bankrupt if I kept playing.


We all those these guys. Everybody sees Warmer Bros movies. Their advent into the gaming industry was rather shocking, and a lot was expected. Trust me, they delivered too. First game of theirs I played was Mortal Kombat X, an offline game developed by Netherealm Studios and produced by Warner Bros. I LOOOVE Mortal Kombat from SEGA days, to when I bought my first PS2 console, and then PS3. Mortal Kombat is the one game every gamer has on his console, so a lot was expected from Mortal Kombat X, with all the hype it carried. Mortal Kombat X was in one word, INCREDIBLE. Then they released Injustice. Injustice was in collaboration with DC Comics, showcasing DC characters as game characters in the MK format. Indeed, Injustice is another favourite game if you're looking for duel games to play.

Warner Bros produced games of their own. Games like Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation which was a personal favourite for a very long time.

Also, Mission Berlin was good, but for the setting and storyline problems the game had. All in all, Warner Bros are doing a good job in the industry.


EA is one of the biggest game companies in the world. They do not make action or adventure games, but their sport games are games to look out for. EA got my attention from their Java games Fight Night Round 3 and 4. It was a Java 3D boxing game whose graphics quality surpassed any other 3D games I ever played on Java. Then they produced FIFA 14. Believe me, I still play FIFA 14 on my phone?. FIFA 14 was an amazing replacement for KONAMI's Pro Evolution Soccer on the PSP (that time). People who could not get their hands on the PSP saw FIFA 14 as a very capable replacement.

Then EA released the Real Racing 3, which of course dominates mobile racing games till this very date. EA is still as important to mobile games as they are on console, whose games are to reckon with.


Some of my favourite games were produced by these dudes. I even had a dream of working with them once. Nekki has the signature silhouetted figured characters in their games. At least they did until the just released Shadow Fight 3 which features 3D graphics colored characters. Vector was a general favourite that year. Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2 are still being played by my pals. But after completing Shadow Fight 2 multiple times, 3 proves to be more challenging.

These are a few huge players in the mobile game production business. In my next post, I'll write a few others and then explain in detail Gameloft's hardwork. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Hi. I'm Darkson, an attorney, jovial person, businessman, etc

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