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2019-07-08T01:37:49.000Z Honest Cash
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I normally don't post anything job related but this is just for ppl who are really in need of help earning a honest income or legitimate cash delivering food or drinks. I had been working with Postmates as a Courier on foot for 2 months and so far I have been doing great and it's helping a lot. 

You can work on your own schedule and as your own boss. The only thing you're just doing is pick up items from Restaurants, Stores, or Supermarkets and dropping them off to customers. You can either deliver the items as a Driver, Biker, or on Foot - Your choice. Postmates will mail you a Prepaid card only to be use to pay for majority of the customer orders, You do not need to pay for it using your own money.

How It Works? How To Get Delivery Offers?

Step 1:

Open the app and create a login for your username and password

Step 2:

Add a profile picture - adding a real photo of yourself will give you better ratings on your activity

Step 3:

Setup Direct Deposit for "Cash Out" or Link Bank Card for instant withdrawal - Optional when ready to Cash Out, You may still earn without setup

Step 4:

Select "Go Online" Where you will see shaded red colors on your map. Go to the dark shaded redzone color to get more offers, Wander or stand by that red area until an offer is sent to your phone.

Step 5:

Accept the offer and begin heading to your delivery destination. Pick up the order at the location then deliver the order to the customer and you will be paid. Once you are paid you may withdrawal your earnings immediately - no minimum or maximum withdrawal require. You may use this method as many times as you want.

Once you complete the offers you will be paid and you can either Cash Out via Direct Deposit or Instantly by linking your Bank Card. Anyone whose in need of getting started with Postmates and begin working with them now then download the app and sign up. Postmates will mail you a bag to make your run with customer orders but you do not need to wait for it to begin working with them - Register using this link so you can get refer credit bonuses while working as a courier

Order Food and Drinks online

from Restaurants, Supermarkets, and Stores using the Postmates app for hospitality services

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Thank you all and good luck!