Crypto @ Cluj-Napoca Romania

Jun 16, 19

So as my plans to travel to Kiev fell through, i instead went to Beautiful Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

Now i’ve been to Romania before (i’ve been to Sibiu, Ludoș, Bucharest, Brașov,…) and i must admit it’s one of my favorite travel destinations in Europe.

But Cluj-Napoca is a little different as there’s a lot of international students studying at the universities there in both medical and technical fields, so it’s a lot easier to find people that speak English.

Cryptowise Cluj-Napoca and the other big cities are littered with bitcoin ATM’s from Bitcoin Romania,, and biggest of all there’s these QIWI kiosk terminals in any store or mall you can find where you can not only top up your phone, buy Netflix or Google play credits, pay your energy bills and much more but at these you can but BTC aswell.

But there we end up at the problem. All the mentioned machines offer BTC and some offer LTC or ETH however none offer BCH.

Not only that it’s extremely hard to actually find anyplace you can actually spend Cryptocurrency. The only place I've found (and promptly submitted to Marco Coino) was a somewhat hidden Irish pub in the city center called The Old Shepherd, That took Bitcoin Cash and a whole boatload of various other forms of Crypto.

I hope that due to Cluj-Napoca becoming the Silicon Valley of Eastern-Europe their use of, and availability of places to spend Cryptocurrencies to increase. And hopefully someone starts offering Bitcoin Cash through those immensely popular QIWI kiosk terminals as it would be the fastest way to have a network of machines across the country to offer Bitcoin Cash to people. ps if anyone's interested in doing this here's their info ongetting services added to these :

Ps: if this article kicks off i might give a more expanded travel report. :D

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24 Apr 19 01:43

This kind of hands-on travel report is very interesting to me as a Bitcoin Cash supporter enthusiast! Thanks also for submitting the pub to Marco Coino - it seems maybe these shops don't know about such apps and sites which can help them attract customers?

Anyway, looking forward to more from you in case you have time to document more of your travels.


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