What Is Money?

Jun 16, 19

What is money? Money is the representative of you time, skills and energy. Those things are existing since humanity (everyone had time, “some” skill, and energy). The only problem with the barter system is that this energy was invisible, therefore it was hard to measure who is better than others (due the physical restriction of the goods). The only thing they did is they made this energy visible. After this, people could trusted in those, who had more, since it was visible. The basis of the economy is to let the best to do their best.

And do you know what is invisible too? Mental process. You see if someone do physical work, because it is obvious. But you simple can’t see when people do mental work, because only the results are visible (which they busy ignoring). When you can’t understand why some people have great salary while seemingly they do nothing, this is because you just can’t see that they are working. Mental work in progress is invisible. But money makes it clearly visible at the end.

And nowadays, this is the problem. This is visible, so you can compare your energy to others. It is crystal clear that the riches are better than the poor in productivity. And poor people don’t like this. They want to do something. And we reached the point of greed and envy.

Of course, just like anything, this gauge can be captured and corrupted. So you actually believe that the politicians who are robbers are actually great, helping people and they worth for their money. Bullshit! They made rules, regulations and taxes and they are constantly making endless propagandas about thief riches in order to distract you from themselves. They making you believe that you need the government, but you don’t need the riches, because they have "too much” while in fact, nobody needs poor people, because nobody deserves to be poor. Like I said, politicians stealing from the riches and stealing from the poor, then they use the poor people as soldiers against the riches, and when the poor people “ate the riches”, they can install a totalitarian regime, just like in North-Korea and Venezuela.

Politicians and religions making those propagandas, such as:

Money is evil, or loving money is the root of all evil (absolutely doesn’t matter which one you use, they meaning the same. If I hate rape, it doesn’t make it good). But overall, seems like if your time, skill and energy takes a visible shape, this is somehow the root of all evil. If you are sane, you came to the conclusion that they say this to hide their laziness and incapability (again, the basis of politicians and religions).

Money doesn’t buy happiness (like: “Not everyone wants to be wealthy. Everyone wants to be happy.”). If money doesn’t buy happiness, they invented it to make everybody sad, or to change nothing?

There are more important things than money (tell this to a Venezuelan).

There are finite money and finite resources (“Because wealthy people keep everyone else poor by hoarding resources they don't really need so that those resources are not available for anyone else to earn.”). Money are backed with goods and services. Fire was scarce back then, now everyone can have a lighter. People are MAKING resources from everything. We have atom energy, and we going to have cold fusion. Just wait. We have cars, TVs, smartphones, modern stuff with extreme surplus. This is how the riches are “keeping” the resources.

Human progress destroying the planet. Quiet the opposite: The Planet Killer Alarmists by @D4D | Honest Cash

And so on and so on and so on… Endless idiocy.

Money dissolved the illusion of performance. It showed who is who. This is the religions and the politicians biggest problem with it. This is the root of all evil for those who are unwilling to work, who wants to rule and rob.

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