The Good Old Times

Jun 16, 19

Why the "good old times" were so good compared to modern days?

There is one single explanation what very few people are noticed:


While we evolved technologically very well, simultaneously the politicians made tons of unnecessary rules who you are required to obey!

This is why some people say things “if you know what this is, you have an awesome childhood”:

Do you really think this is better than this?

Or this…

…is better than this?

Or this…

…is better than this?

Or this…

…is better than this?

Or this…

…is better than this?

Are you kidding me? NO!

The RULES are the problem! And they always was! You just remembering the time when were fewer laws and that's all!

People are feel the pressure of the empire of the snake. This makes them anxious. This is where the term “accelerated world” comes from.

You have concentrate and do more at the same period of time than before, because you have to outrun more laws and regulations!

You are amazed from technological achievement, while you fail to notice the endless rules created since, in the name of the “greater good” and “common interests”.

Look at this sh!t:


Milton Friedman said 20 years ago that this is going to happen if we don’t stop it. This is causes the degradation of art, be as movies, music, books and so on. This causes anxiety and “modern” stress and the erase of the creativity. This is makes the distance between people. This leads to the extreme stupidity we have. This is causes depression, based on the real feeling that your life is not yours any more!


The more you respect the rules, the less the rules are respecting you! Your life and your money IS YOURS!

Of course if you decide to disobey the 90% of the rules, you are labelled as an anarchist criminal and they put you in the jail. This is the biggest lie in history among many others. This is the most racist hatred from politicians towards the common people.

Many people are failing to notice it. But they feel the consequences.

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