The Dictionary Of Stupidity

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We said you must get rid of all the negative beliefs about money and the riches. There is no other way to be one of them.

It is not the easiest thing to do, since the propaganda fills up completely the people’s minds.

As you can see, the whole world is against money and the riches. The poor people and the governments are a bunch of saints, everybody else is go to the hell. But there is not a single truth in those beliefs. Not_a_single_one.

You can pretty much get rid all of the negative beliefs by taking the exact opposite of what they say.

Money is created by backing the values.

What is value?

Value is which helps to everybody. For example, a warm heart is a value. It can’t causes harm. A joke, which makes you laugh is a value. It doesn’t causes harm, it causes good.

Capitalism is all about creating values, which you can buy in the market, for you gain access by money. On our current development level, we can’t create 100% values, because everything we creating is harming the environment on different scales. But the level of damage we causing is constantly declining:

About environmental alarmists:


Alarmist think that people don’t care about anything but the profit, not realising that profit = people, since the people are the costumers of the businesses. They expecting from a developing market to be 100% perfect. But this is like expecting from your child to run from the age of one. Of course, this is insanity.

But this shows that the goal is to produce the kind of value, which completely fit to our environment, thus causing no harm. By creating values, you go forward to reach this goal. People not going to buy stuff, which they think are damaging the environment, so producing pollution is bad for the business.

In fact, nobody can make as much damage to the environment, than the poor people who buying garbage, and the governments, who forcing the businesses to produce garbage (nothing else you can sell to the poor). But the most damage the poor people causes is to not being rich. In every sphere of the market the people who working there are gaining experiences, which makes the particular sphere to evolve. And because they refusing to be in the mental work’s business, it means that sphere who producing goods and services not going to evolve as fast as it should be. Se we keep producing garbage, instead of making quality stuff. This is what pollutes the planet. There is not the quality stuff which is in the garbage.

And how can you be rich? By producing values, therefore goods, services, jobs, therefore money to the economy, for which the people pay voluntarily. Which means you get rich by making others well off. So if you think that you don’t deserve to be rich, this means the world, other people, don’t deserve to be rich either. Prosperity is not a zero-sum game, poverty is.

So how can you be poor? Do something, what the people don’t really need. Answer to low demand / high supply markets, which is the physical work. In the age of mental work, this is obviously worth very little.

Here is a quick dictionary to the beliefs of the idiots:

Money: The thing what loving is the root of all evil.

Riches: The minions of the Devils.

Super-riches: The real Devils.

Governments: Those, who know how to redistribute (better than the market). They are helping us, they are for the people. They making justice.

Democracy: The best system, who brings justice for the people.

Poor people: The exploited saints, who go to the Heaven.

Cheap garbage: Romantic stuff.

Luxury items: Unnecessary stuff, the form of slavery. Nobody worthy of them.

Capitalism: The modern name of feudalism, which dooms the planet. The synonym of greed. They making all of the wars.

Communism: Our ultimate goal.

Mistakes: Stuff which more important than successes.

Successes: Not as important things, as failures.

Suffering: The way to go to Heaven. It is also romantic.

God: Our spiritual government (it has the same rules, laws, regulations, taxes, police).

Business: The church of greed.

Profit: The result of greed.

Modern religions: Those, who know what God is saying.

Taxes: The fair share.

Rules, laws, regulations, bureaucracy: Things which help us to be on the right path.

Now here is my dictionary about them:

Money: The root of all good(s and services, therefore jobs).

Riches: The successful people, who making the others rich.

Super-riches: The ultimate ninja-warriors of money.

Governments: The ultimate parasites, who sucking the blood of the market, which is the money, and give nothing in exchange, just poverty and suffering. Those, who exploiting everybody, except themselves. They making all of the wars. They are the real feudal lords.

Democracy: The mob rule. The basis of gang rape. Where always the stupidest people are right, because they are more in numbers.

Poor people: Those, who refuse to answer to important demands, and who try to balance their budget by robbing the successful, therefore exploiting them.

Cheap garbage: cheap garbage.

Luxury items: The best quality stuff, which is called luxury only by their price. Everybody should have as much of them as they can.

Capitalism: The only system, whose exclusive goal is to produce values.

Communism: The only system, whose exclusively designed to kill as much people as fast as it can.

Mistakes: Avoidable stepping stones to successes.

Successes: Those things, which are lot more important than failures. Which from you can learn the most.

Suffering: Cheap garbage. Unnecessary, worthless, which corrupts the human soul.

God: Who let anything to happen. Who refuse to control anybody. The ultimate liberator.

Business: The church of productivity.

Profit: The value of work.

Modern religions: Spiritual governments who do the exact same damage as the governments do. Collected lies and propagandas, mixed up with truths, just to confuse everybody forever.

Taxes: Armed robbery.

Rules, laws, regulations, bureaucracy: Forms of armed robbery.


RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

There are many rich people who do not create value and live only on capital (interest and yield).

RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @D4D

Interests and yields are the price of the services which they give, which is the money lending. Perfectly natural and necessary. They are producing values constantly.

Have you ever heard about the "money making money" sentence? Those are great examples of it.

RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

And this is the solution:  

How can you be rich today? Unfortunately not by producing values, goods, services but by "money making money" and by speculating.

RE: RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @D4D

Speculating is a produced service. The two don't exclude each other. What do you think how the companies are evolve in the stock market? Angels coming and giving them the capital?

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

What service did a guy produce who swapped 20 BTCs for USDT to exchange it back for 25 BTCs in a few days? What value did he create?

RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

I agree with you, but what should people do who can't produce value (or just cheap garbage)?

RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @D4D

There is no such people in this world, who can't produce value. But there are people, who don't even try to it.

What anybody can do is to reduce the size of the governments, who rob most of their money. It would solve enormous amount of problems.

RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

I know people who are so sick they can't move. I know people who are not able to understand what you are saying to them.

RE: RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @D4D

And you don't know the others who can do that for them. I see.

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @Telesfor

You wrote 

"There is no such people in this world, who can't produce value"

I've proved it's not true.

RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @ramonoropeza

I really like your articles, they take me to see things differently. Focused on wealth as the way to lead a better life. Because in fact it is so, there is nothing good in being poor, and not being able to access as many things as health, food and technology of good quality.

RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @majamalu

Unfortunately I can not upvote this even though I want to do it. For some reason honest cash is preventing me from doing it.

RE: RE: The Dictionary Of Stupidity

by @D4D

No problem. The site is often bugged. I think this is because it's under maintenance.