Social Human Waste

2019-09-27T12:04:48.000Z Honest Cash

SJWs are clearly represent what they supposed to fight against. They are evil, they are full Nazis, they have zero recognizable brain patters, they are malicious at their core.

They are essentially human waste.

No different from any mass murderer, who killing everybody in the name of “greater good”, which always turns to the “greater bad”.

So we have no more movies, no more great musics or any form of art, because they are banned by the useless idiot cultural Marxists. So beautiful women replaced by fat pigs, who advocating deadly lifestyles, funny movies replaced by boring ones, because without brain, you can’t get the jokes, computer games destroyed by the same boredom, child abuse become common, since they forcing them to be uncertain about their identity, vincible male heroes replaced by invincible female heroes, because those worthless human wastes just offended by everything, probably because they never worked a day in their whole lives.

But if you say we just have to ignore them, we should mention the devastating economical effect they cause, namely that nobody going to see movies, buy games, and expressing his or her thoughts anymore, be as a great idea or not, since the human waste not let them to do it. This means those particular market spheres could not produce money anymore, which going to cause overall poverty. Hollywood and the computer game business are trillion dollar businesses, giving jobs to endless people and producing insane amount of money. Computer games are also related to the computer industry. Who going to buy a stronger computer, if you don’t have games to play? Who going to buy a bigger TV, if you don’t have anything to watch? How does it will affect to your work, if you can’t have fun?

So get ready for the (already) slowed down economy, damaged, confused children, who going to achieve nothing, and a totally boring life, thank to the human waste.But of course, the useless human waste can explain this as well, somehow. It is not child abuse, it is something good instead, somehow.


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  <p>If you don’t want to watch the whole video, start by 4:50. They drawing serial killers to the kids.</p><p>Again, SJWs are WORTHLESS HUMAN WASTE.</p><p>Time to get offended.</p><figure><img src="" ></figure>


RE: Social Human Waste

by @Geri

You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain - random batman movie