Questions And Answers About The Endless Lies Of Poverty

Jun 16, 19

Why do some super rich people spend money like they are poor? Why they are frugal?

Why do some poor people spend money like they are rich? Have you ever met a poor person, who wasn't entirely frugal?

Rich people spend money like rich people. This is what money for. More money = more value = more opportunity = more quality = more happiness.

Rich people make money for spending money.

Why rich people are arrogant?

Because looks like only arrogant people can produce goods and services, which helps everybody. This must be ultimate level arrogance.

What about poor people who looking down on riches, who trying to taxing them, who laugh on them when something bad happening to the them? It have nothing to do with arrogance?

Is happiness a bit like a timid bird, the harder you strive to catch it, the further it flies away?

If it were true, the humanity will be extinct by sorrow long, long ago. Achievement makes happiness, because it can be achieved.

Capitalism is evil and highly immoral! It is modern feudalism!

What is capitalism? You working to produce something to the market. You get paid for it, so you can pay for the product which you help to create. You are working for YOURSELF! And this self-interest is also the COMMON-INTEREST! Because other people doing the same. This is how you can use everything what is on the market. The system would be immoral if you would had to do it for free (communism) or you would be forced to do this (tax).


Since capitalism is based on endless growth, how long it takes until eventually doom the planet?

What the fuck wrong with endless growth at all? Just because your commie brain can’t understand that this is sustainable and desirable? Or do you really think that you can’t evolve forever? You can’t learn forever?

Do rich people feel like they have lost purpose?

Nobody can be more richer than a 5 year old with a new Lego. If you have seen one, he looked like he lost his purpose? Or he just found it?

Is there a way to get people to stop chasing their selfish ways and join all together to work for a better world?

Talking about selfishness in the world where the market offer so much stuff which never-ever existed before to humanity as we know it is… frankly, I can’t find the correct words to this.

Idiocy? Ungratefulness? Blindness? Brain damage?

Nowhere lived that much people in that much peace and prosperity EVER than here and now. Of course it can change, but it is going to caused by politicians, as always. But focusing only on the unfortunate not going to make it false at all.

You are living in a political-generated dream world built to keep you under control in order to change you into this. (Holds up a tax check).

What do the rich owe to the poor?

Nothing. You should reverse this question, since everything is on the market are made by the riches. If not, better to not buy it.

Will evolution ever get us past the fact that money and power corrupt?

So the Sun is corrupt? The CEO of the Toyota is corrupt? How can we evolve, when the world is full of corrupt rich and powerful people?

What about the corruption what poverty causes?

It force you to steal, rob, lie, cheat. It also can make you sick very easily physically. If you are desperate, you are inefficient, which causes more desperation. It is also causes enormous amount of frustration (suffering), which either leads to violence, domestic violence or you simply go to the asylum* (psychical damage)* or both. And of course, frustrated parents making frustrated children, so the show keep going.

Poverty is the number one human soul corrupter. And also a mass destruction weapon (check Venezuela).

You should not confuse politicians with riches.

Do the rich exploit the poor?

Politicians exploit the poor by scamming them with economic and religious fallacies like the rich steal their money and so on, while they are the ultimate thieves/robbers of the world.

As a result, the poor exploit the riches by voting for politicians and by hating the riches, therefore stealing them at work and keep themselves unproductive in order to avoid being rich. Of course by trusting in politicians, rules, regulations, taxes and poverty, they ultimately exploit themselves too. And to make things more worse, they encouraging themselves to stay poor.

Poor people exploit poor people and rich people.

Politicians exploit rich people and poor people.

Despite the commie propaganda, the riches exploit nobody, since they are producing everything you can buy, and your low wage is not their, but the politician’s fault who making enormous amount of taxes, rules, laws and regulations.

So the only “being” who exploited by nobody is the politicians. And they are exploiting everybody.

Why do people care so much about money? Greed brings misery because you want more and you are never satisfied.

Money have nothing to do with greed. Greed is when you wants others to have less.

How can selling cars, food, clothes, whatever to be greed if you make people happy and rich with it? Is marriage based on greed??? Is more sex are based on greed???

When you are never satisfied and why? AND HOW???

You are never satisfied only if you are POOR! Because it is always fucking satisfactory for being rich.

What are the benefits of being poor?

You go to the heaven after you achieved nothing but mental disorders.

Is it as easy to love a rich man as a poor one?

Just because someone in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you can’t love him or her. The problem lies in saying everybody should be in wheelchair and loving walking is the root of all evil.

Is sacrificing your own personal happiness and free will for an overall increase in the happiness of society the right thing to do?

Society is the summary of individuals. If everybody would sacrifice themselves to everybody, this means we are the slaves of each other.

To avoid this kind of super-shitstorm, one should take 100% responsibility of his or her own life. This makes everybody free.

Why is poverty necessary?

It is necessary to sustain the governments and the religions and FOR NOTHING ELSE*. *Inequality is necessary, because better people should paid better in order to keep them working voluntary.

Who do you think works harder, the rich or the poor?

The poor works harder physically.

The rich works harder mentally.

End of story.

Poor people deserve more money!

If they really want more money, then why they can’t save it, why they say this is the root of all evil (or loving it is), why they say the riches stealing from them and why they just flushing their money down to the toilet by spending it on idiocies?

If they really want money, why they aren’t learning what money IS, how economics and financials are works?

If they really want more money, why they are voting for criminals who taking it from them to be in charge?

If they are really want more money, why they aren’t trying to open businesses?

I don’t think they really want more money, honestly. I think they only want to complain about their “hard fate”. Must be so deeply spiritual or something.

What are some cases of those who are kept in poverty to be exploited?

Poverty is the exploitation itself. It caused by yourself with the pressure of the government and religions.

You may aware of the fact that the world-controlling institution doesn’t produce anything, just eating tax money, collected by force. This is the definition of exploitation. They also constantly trying to prevent you from making money (with the kindly help of the religions) and blaming the riches for it.

As we said, if you are poor, you even exploit the riches because you are on welfare and you voting for the tax eating criminals.

Why do we give tax breaks to the rich? Why give the rich more money rather than giving the poor more money?

Tax brakes doesn’t mean GIVING money. Tax breaks means STEALING LESS money from them.

It is better not to steal too much from the achievers in order to keep them remaining achievers.

Why do certain people not want everyone else to be well off, to live prosperously?

You mean poor people who constantly claiming that loving money is the root of all evil, it is spiritual to be poor, this is how we go to heaven, and riches are greedy bastards, capitalism doom the planet etc., which help other poor to stay poor forever? And all of it is backed by politicians and religions?

This is because politicians and religions only can control poor people. They need you to need them.

Not more complicated than that.

Why are persons who have more money than they need while children die for lack of essential resources considered successful?

Why is that we have oceans but also deserts? How unfair, right?

If the poor people have nothing to do with being poor, then the rich people have nothing to do with being rich. So where is the moral responsibilities???

If people made their money, then other people made their poverty. In this case, the riches still have nothing to do with other people’s poverty.

This is why they are considered as successful. Got it, right?

But hey, do you know why we are paying taxes? Not for to help the unfortunate? Will you blame the governments for anything, or just the riches, who have nothing to do with poverty?

Also what makes the poor to stay poor? They are discouraged to open businesses due the too much rules, laws and regulations or due the lack of their knowledge? Or they just think loving money is the root of all evil?

It is easy to see your opinion as morally superior, but in fact, it is just immorality, based on the lack of knowledge.

Do you agree with the way the world's wealth is distributed? Is it fair that some people are starving, and some people earn more money than they or their family can spend in a life time?

No, it is unfair that some people are do everything to create value (riches), while others just do almost nothing (poor), while the riches paying almost all of the taxes required for aid and welfare.

By the way, wealth is CREATED and not redistributed (without tax, rules and regulations).

However, you should examine the environment around poor people. Is their leaders are dictators (tax eating politicians)? Capitalism allowed in their country? What is the tax rate, the level of bureaucracy, the laws, rules and regulations they have to obey? How easy to open a business there? They are bombarded with anti-rich, money hater propagandas, such as loving money is the root of all evil, the rich exploit the poor, etc.?

What do you think why we are paying taxes? Not for helping the unfortunate?

It is easy to fall in the emotional commie trap that somehow the productive people steal the wealth from the non-productive people. But you should understand at least three things:

- Poor costumers aren’t good for the business. Rich costumers are desired for capitalists. - There is NOTHING to steal from poor, since for this, the poor need to have money, material things and creative ideas. But if they would have this, they wouldn’t be poor. - Also physical work doesn’t contribute too much value to the world. It is just helping creating the value. Just as a screwdriver aren’t more important than the car which they are repair with it. Mental work, creativity preferred. So the rich (just like nobody) not going to benefit if people aren’t busy creatively inventing something, from which the riches can benefit too (new goods, new services, new jobs).


Why are rich respected and poor punished?You mean the poor people are forced to pay taxes, which upholding non-productive strangers (tax the poor)? You mean they call the poor people thieves and they trying to redistribute their (non existent) wealth to rob the most part of it and give the rest to the strangers?This is how we punish the poor and respect the rich?


Why do people believe that money isn't the answer to problems?Because they try to be morally superior to money, being unable to understand that money is their energy.They are trapped in a commie trap, where anything more important spiritually than money. But you can’t be more important than your energy.


Why is suffering the default human condition rather than happiness?Because the world is powered by money and you think money doesn’t buy happiness.This push you in a hole, where the default human condition is suffering. This is the hell before you die.


Do rich people ever need to work?Since money doesn’t just appearing from nowhere, yes.The problem is that you think work is physical work only, because this is what circulate among the “working class” who try to elevate themselves to the Heaven.But only mental work can create anything. Physical work just help to realize it (that’s why automatization works).


Is loving money is the root of all evil?Only Nazis can say that money or loving money is the root of all evil.They have a God who made them superior to the money and the riches, therefore they can do whatever they want with the riches. Like taxing them, redistribute their wealth, because they “know better” how they should spend their money, because they are superior to them, and this is justified by God, God’s son and his followers.Seriously, nothing, but a bunch of Nazis.And just like the Nazis, their superiority is based on ignorance and logical impossibilities.It doesn’t really matter that they had been lied and scammed, because the same happened with the Nazis. Hitler was busy making “scientific proofs” about his “superior” race, which turned out, was a bunch of sub-humans.The same exact thing what Marx did with communism, his “equality” and “money and rich hating” theory. But if everybody are equal, then why it is matter that others have more wealth? They aren’t equal? If everybody are equal, this means it fucking doesn’t matter who lives and who dies. And this is exactly what happened under the commie systems. Equal people’s life worth reduced to zero. To a biomass.Inequality is the value that humans are hold. This is how we evolve. Somebody good at this, others are good at that and we mix those energies trough money, since nobody can possess all of the necessary skills for everything.So the lack of money is the root of all evil. And the source of the lack of money is the hatred towards money. So hating money is the root of all evil. Run from anybody who advocate the opposite. They just try to kill you.

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