Poverty Is A Mental Disorder

2019-08-21T15:40:06.000Z Honest Cash

When people say that money doesn't buy happiness, they are lying, while denying the reality, to make the lie easier.

They also feel superior to the money and the riches, which is of course, a Nazi-like tendency.

They are also complaining about being poor, trying to get money in various criminal ways, such as redistribution, which makes everybody poorer eventually. This is cognitive-dissonance and the inner wish of destroying values.

They are also refuse to do mental-work, which is a form of self-hatred (the source of this is probably the original sin).

They also think that all of the riches in the world are against them, and prices are driven by conspiracy, and not by the supply and demand, which is the summary of thousands of voluntary transactions, made by billions of people. This is deep paranoia.

They also think the riches are evil bastards, without knowing them personally, because they would behave so if they were riches. This is projection.

They are also believing in thousand year old lies in books, written by God knows whom, which is naivety, which is a form of denial.

It is also related to masochism.

After all of those things, they claim that this is not their fault that they are poor, which is more lying and more reality denying.

They also think that they going to go to the Heaven because of that, which is a delusion.

All of them are mental-disorders.