Is Poverty A Crime?

Jun 16, 19

The source of poverty is economic illiteracy. This is also the source of laziness, since you don’t want to work for what you hate.

All comes from the government and modern religions (same institution).

Because what is poverty? Poverty = the lack of useful goods.

Not producing those stuff isn’t a crime as long as you don’t ask something for it (welfare, tax the rich, etc.). It is not a crime for the economy, since you do noting, but you have nothing. It is not putting pressure on the economy, it is only putting pressure on you. So it is a crime against yourself.

On the other hand, advocating scarcity as something saint and good, and claiming that surplus is something bad, evil and greedy, IS A CRIME! You know, what demented people, governments and religions are doing. Governments and modern religions needs you to be poor to need them. They can’t exist without poor people (of course, those religions who aren't advocating poverty, can). It is the biggest scam in human history.

The problem becomes obvious if you play a little with the words.

Poverty = scarcity of useful goods (be careful about “usefulness”, this is different to everybody).

Prosperity = surplus of useful goods.

Rich = productive people (compared to the poor).

Poor = non-productive people (compared to the rich).

Money = value (since goods and services can’t exist without it on the current scale).

Capitalism = creating value and surplus of useful goods.

So lets play:

Loving value is the root of all evil.

There is more important things than value.

Productive people are end up in Hell.

Productivity is greed.

Chasing value is materialism, which is evil.

Chasing value is superficial.

Surplus of goods is a sin.

Scarcity of goods is saint.

Creating value and surplus of useful goods is evil.

Creating value and surplus of useful goods is exploiting the people.

Productive people aren’t happier than non-productive people.

Value corrupts people.

Value doesn’t buy happiness (happiness of course is a value itself, so** value** doesn’t buy value).

You have to sell your soul to the devil for value.

God loves more the non-productive people (non-achievers) than the productive people (achievers).

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a productive man to get into heaven.

Scarcity of goods is romantic.

Scarcity of goods is spiritual.

The non-productive people are living in Jesus’s heart.

Productive people exploit the non-productive people.

Non-productive people are non-productive because of productive people.

“A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many have so little.” -Bernie Sanders

“A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few productive people have so much, and so many non-productive people have so little”. -Commie Sanders (turned out already that he was/is a Marxist Bernie Sanders campaigned for Marxist party in Reagan era ).

Communism: productive people are equal to non-productive people.

You are committing a crime by advocating this. For example, if your child ask something what you can’t afford, and you say true love have nothing to do with money, you are saying this: satiety, experience, joy, happiness, gifts, surplus, safety, freedom of choice, health, have nothing to do WITH LOVE!

Like in this conversation:

You: Family, I am home. But to be honest, I am broke, I lost all of my money, I am in debt and I am already fired. But since loving money is the root of all evil, I hope you don’t have any problem with that, because now I am a living saint.

Wife: But we are hungry!

You: We going to spare and lose some gain. It is greedy to have more than what we need.

Wife: Our kid going to starve! He need nutrients for grow! We don’t have what we need, not even more! Also we have nothing to spare!

You: We going to ask charities from strangers.

Wife: What if they are living saints, just like you?

You: Then God will help us.

Wife: How?

You: He will give us food.

Wife: Foods are produced with money. Is god have money then?

You: He can have it or he can do without it.

Wife: We also need electricity! We have to pay the bills!

You: We don’t need it. We can cuddle under the blanket. It will be so romantic. It will bring the family together.

Wife: What if we like to go somewhere?

You: Err… dunno. But ignorance is a bliss.

Wife: Ignorance is a bliss? So dying is a bliss? So making accidents by ignorance are blesses???

You: God going to enlighten the path!

Wife: We also need water!

You: We collect it from the rain.

Wife: We need gas to heat it, or we going to be sick and cold!

You: We make fire from woods.

Wife: Then we need woods! How do you will collect it, if you are weak, cold and hungry?

You: God going to help me.

Wife: What if not? We are going to die?

You: Don’t be afraid, if we going to die, we are going to the Heaven!

Wife: So you have no problem if we and our child going to die?

You: In the Heaven, we going to get everything we need. No more suffering!

Wife: So why the hell we made a child? Why we born here at all?

You: God's ways are not our ways.

Wife: God’s ways is to let us suffer and die?

You: Suffering is saint. Jesus did the same for us.

Wife: Suffering is saint? So wars, epidemics and genocides are saint things? AND WO ARE WE DOING THIS FOR???

You: For God, for ourselves and for the Heaven.

Wife: Why don’t we just torture and kill ourselves then quickly?

You: Because we are pious.


You: Because that’s what God want.

Wife: God wants us to suffer and to be poor and ignorant?

You: Yes.

Wife: So if I am rich, smart and happy, then I am a HERETIC???

You: Actually… yes. You are going to Hell.

Wife: We are already there. We are leaving you. I guess God really enlightened the path for me after all. Happy dying!

The way of the suicide. Good plan, right?

Random criminal preacher: We can’t let the value to be our new God! Now please, donate us value!

I hope you get the picture.

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