How To Buy Money

Jun 16, 19

Repetition is the mother of skill.

So what is money again?

Money is the visible shape of your time, positive energy and skills. This three is the money. To be simplistic, money is your positive energy. You can store this energy, you can grow it and use the bigger energy on bigger things. Without money it would be impossible. And I say positive skills, because negative skills are destructive, therefore destroying money (wars, lies, scams, taxes, etc.). This is why we accept it.This is what makes everybody well off, since nobody can possess all of the skills alone (there is no time for it). This energy existed always, just we made them visible. One of the best decision what humanity made ever. And you exchange this energy with other people's energy. This is how money connects the people.

Money is also a shapeshifter. Everything can be turned into money, and money can turned into anything in the market. This flexibility ended slavery and gave ultimate freedom to the people (mostly against the politicians, that’s why they want to rob it from you constantly). Those, who have more of it, have more freedom. So money is also freedom. The freedom of choice.

Money also value, since nothing can exist on the market on the current scale without money. Everything what is invented after the invention of money is made by money. Money is the chicken what made the egg. So money is not just the representative of the value, it is also the value itself.

Money is also an information carrier. The price system shows the supply/demand ratio, which is nearly impossible to be checked without money. But even if some super-AI would monitor it, it wouldn’t be more effective than money. The AI could be wrong, faulty and it costs energy, and the AI could be captured. So it would be completely unnecessary. This is something what the commies never going to understand ever.

In conclusion, money is the ultimate happiness buyer device, which is invented about 5000 B.C (this is our oldest proof from it).

Thinking that money is just pieces of papers are a very primitive notion.

Thinking that money or loving money is the root of all evil IS the root of all evil. It is crime, beyond words.

So what’s making money, is utterly positive, like the love. Only, bad people can capture this energy and they can use for bad stuff, but they either doing it for pure evilness or they doing it because of the LACK of money, but never-ever for money. Money is our healer. It is the tool of our spiritual and material evolution.

So how you can buy money?

Money is a PRODUCT. A product, like a BREAD. If you working in the market by producing something, what you REALLY doing is you BUYING MONEY WITH YOUR POSITIVE SKILLS, TIME AND ENERGY.

Many people have no idea that they are doing this. But this is the truth. They always saying that they are spending money. But you BUYING money, when you working for it (jot that down).

Why are you buying money? Because as we said, money is also a shapeshifter. It can make any form of what is in the market. Money is restricted by only what is in the market. It can be love, joy, travel, any material and non-material things. If they are selling, with money you can buy it. It is so simple and so amazing at the same time. Like the sunshine or the full moon (maybe I’m too sentimental).

So just like in any trade, you have to make sure that you are going to gain the best.

Do you have any guilty about buying a bread for half price? Would you buy it, or you would pay its normal price, despite of the discount? Of course you would buy it! You would sell bread at double price when they asks for it? When they WILLING to pay that price for it because it is that scarce at the time, because it is the best in quality? Of course you will! This is how you help them and yourself at the same time.

The same rules applies on money. You should buy money, where it is the most cheaper. Where your energy worth the most amount of money, because money that cheap there (compared to the quality of your energy). This means, where your salary is the highest. This is the transaction what you are looking for. And you should sell money where it worth the most. This is how you buy cheaply, expensive stuff.

Would you like to find some bread (assuming that it is clean)? Would you eat it? Would you feel yourself lucky? Then you should be open to find money anytime without feeling any guilty about it. Both of them are products!

Would you win bread? Then you should be okay with winning money.

Should you feel any guilty about having tons of breads? No? Then feel no guilty for having money.

Do you know what causes economic growth? When they wants to sell you that much amount of money that they have to print more of them, or your amazing energy drives the price of the money up (compared to other currencies), because thanks to you, money WORTH MORE (more and/or better stuff you can buy with it, so you UPGRADED the market).

It is a tool which represents the ability of the market. And the only limit is the amount you have from it.

If you love money, it means you love your own and other’s creator energy. Do you really think that this is the root of all evil? Or just a pathetic scam to keep the people unproductive and controllable?

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