Communism (Socialism) Makes You Blind And Disabled

Jun 16, 19

Communism: everybody is blind and disabled, except one, who kills the others.

Real communism:everybody is blind and disabled.

Blind and disabled people can’t do shit. This is the truth.

What makes them blind?

The lack of money. Without the existence of money, they can’t check the supply/demand ratio (communist people have ZERO idea what I am talking about). This makes them economically blind. They are ignoring scarcity completely. This leads to mass starvation, while others just keep getting fatty.

What makes them disabled?

The lack of self ownership. Without self-ownership, you can’t produce shit. Why? As you may know, for every product, you need resources. But the problem is that anybody can use these resources for whatever reasons. How the hell you can make any business plan, when you have no idea if Vladimir going to grab the necessary stuff for it and do whatever he wants to do with it (in the name of the greater good (bad)), or it going to be remained for you to make the product? See how utterly idiotic is this? It is so amazingly idiot that one might wonder if humanity have any brain at all, or this is just a myth.

And what is interesting is that poor people have no money and they aren’t owning too much stuff. So they are already in communism. Why isn’t it good for them? Why they have to force others to do this? Of course, because they believe that if everybody is an idiot, then everybody going to be well off somehow.

Now if you don’t erase money and self ownership, then this is not communism.

Communism is a telltale. A pseudo-science fiction, which leads to mass deaths. It is a weapon, which operates trough emotional manipulation. How romantic that we have everything, we are equal, we sharing everything, we are each other’s brothers and sisters and so on.


We are sharing our time, skill and energy trough MONEY! Money is power and anybody can get this power! It is the SHARED power. Only, you have to prove that you can use it well, or you have to rob it in order to have it!

We are sharing our material and spiritual stuff trough TRADE!

Our fucking ownership can be changed anytime. GMC produce a car, and the owner is the factory, which is BEGGING you to buy that car and be YOU the owner! This is all they want! Own all of their production!

Do you want equality? See how many poor people going to be rich, and how many rich people are going to be poor. Anybody can do whatever he want.

Money is the physical shape of your time,energy and skills. Money is the measure of this. Without this measure, you are unable to know who is successful and who isn’t. This makes you blind (and the missing supply/demand visibility). Do you want to let idiot people to do important works, or you rather let professionals to do that? Money is assuring that always the competent people going to do the important work (this is why politicians have to take it by force).

Self organising? What is more effective, a bunch of equal soldiers, or a unit controlled by Napoleon? Napoleon makes the solders brutally effective. He saves their lives. He is the “all seeing eye” in a good context. He exploiting them? Really?

Exploitation is not that when super-riches producing you cars, phones, safe and modern houses, foods, clothes or for whatever you make a demand. Exploitation is something for nothing. Politicians aren’t producing goods and services. They producing rules, laws, regulations and taxes. They operating with tax money, collected by force. THIS IS THE EXPLOITATION! This is how every nation are collapsing if the government grow too big. Too much exploitation leads to collapse. They are the blood sucker parasites. This is why they say the riches are.

Forcing people to work for free is evil.

Claiming that Einstein is equal to a lazy asshole is evil. Numbers aren’t matters. The mob doesn’t know better. One man can be more smarter than BILLIONS!

Erasing the measure of skills, time and energy is evil. You simply can’t get the best any more. Money is energy. Big stuff requires big energy. This is how you can do MORE with MORE money! This energy needs to be concentrated and strong enough to do what needs to do, JUST LIKE HOW YOU USE YOUR ARM FOR ACTION! Money is the visible form of time, skills and energy. This is existed always. You can erase the visibility of this energy, but you can’t erase the energy itself.

Erasing the right of owning anything is evil. It is robbery!

Erasing your individuality reversing your personal evolution!This replace Einsteins with Maos.

Money showing who is capable and who isn’t. This is why politicians and religions are hating it so much. It shows them how lazy assholes they are. Politicians producing no value. Churches producing nothing. Yet, everyone of them needs money. Something for nothing.

Who started wars? Who dropped bombs to civilians? Who made genocides? Who takes your money by force? Who making weapons from everything? Who is spying on you? Who have so much power that they could kill you ANYTIME without consequences? Who have GOD-like power? Is the CEO of the Toyota doing all of this with you?Or Jeff Bezos? Again, they have to use force, because they don’t contribute SHIT what you will pay for.

And do you really think that Commie leaders don’t understand that their shitty system worth nothing? Do you really think they don’t know what money for? Do you really think that they have no idea how the economy works? Don’t be that naive. They know this very well. They just want the opposite. They wants to kill you, destroy you and make you suffer. I am not exaggerating, you just too naive.

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