Artificial Poverty

Jun 16, 19

Poverty is an artificial creation. In fact, this is more artificial, than the plastic itself.

First of all, you live better than kings and queens back then. Your opportunities is what people dreamed about all the time in history. If you travel back in time with a car and with some weapon, or just with some books, you can rule the world. So you have to compare yourself to a rich, just to know that you are poor. But this is a subjective opinion, the truth is: you are not poor, just not AS RICH as others. But the common, artificial opinion is that you are poor.

Now the question is, why is that?

This planet is extremely rich in many ways. This is why we could achieve such technology developments. This is a fact. Human mind is also the best money maker device in the world. This with materials = wealth.

How we achieved that is cooperation, in other words: trading. It is useless to invent cold fusion, if you are not putting it in the market. Or if you have to do free, you are not going to do it. Furthermore, without the price system, you are unable to monitoring the supply / demand state, which is lead to deaths.

So how can you create poverty?

**Easy: make rules which prevent people from trading. **It is really that simple.

Additionally, you can prevent them from achieving their goals by selling them propaganda and / or to make them government dependents, therefore the governments can control them. They are basically selling themselves to the governments. And governments are very happy to buying them. That’s why you can’t do whatever you wants to do with your own body (eating sugar (because it is cost more), using drugs (because it is forbidden) and don’t wearing seat belt (for your own safety)).

So the rules are:

- Make endless rules which are preventing free market capitalism. They are not going to make companies, they don’t creating products. They became products. - Sell propaganda on movies, on news, on posters, on books, on internet articles, on videos and of course with the help of religions. Because maybe they are changing their mind. This process is going to be self-accelerating, because later the (poor) people are going to sell these kind of propagandas voluntarily and they are happy to do it (drones). - Sell not just propaganda, but dull movies (soap opera for example). Teach out the creativity of their minds in schools, so you disconnect their mind from Earth materials. - Forbid free speech, so you make them obedient. Remember: obedient people can kill on command. - Subsidize them to be dependent on governments, in which you are simply buying them. Nobody going to make an effort, if they are just get money from nothing… - …and this is of course redistribution, because this is the working peoples money, so you are basically holding back the free economy, so you holding back riches, making them poor and / or not creating them.

This is how governments are BUYING you, instead of letting somebody to buy FROM you. The whole thing is about turning you to a government puppet. A drone. A machine. That is what you feel every day.

These are cold and cruel tactics, used world-wide.

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28 Feb 19 11:53

I like how you've expressed this idea. It's always sobering to remember that if a service is free… YOU are the product. Cheers!

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28 Feb 19 05:30

I am glad you liked it!

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