Are You Allergic To The Money?

Jul 6, 19

Here we collect some reasons why are you allergic to the money.

First, they demonized the word “money”, by calling loving it the root of all evil, and by attaching constantly on negative things. Which one is sounds better:

I want tons of money,


I want tons of currencies?

The second sounds much better, right? Is loving currencies is the root of all evil? Sounds a little bit idiotic, right? But money and currency are one and the same thing. There are no differences. So the WORD was demonized. It is crystal clear.

They also demonized the “dollar sign” by using it in bad associations.

Look at those eyes. Seems like they are all crazy. And also, they say the colour of the greed is green, just like the colour of the dollar. DING!

Hey, seems like an agenda is constantly trying to separate you from your money, right?

And the golden rule of Hollywood movies: the heroes are all poor and orphans, while the villains are all riches. Nobody can save the world more effectively, than a poor person, who hasn’t managed even to get money.

To give you one example: Titanic. The poor guy stole the heart of the rich girl, who was bored to hell by being rich and being with her devastatingly boring friends on the first class. So she decided to go to the third class, where was the real party along with cheap liquors and rats. Later, the riches are pushed poor people to the ocean, in order to save their own miserable lives (and we all know they are all gone to hell because of that, right?). It is important to note that people are think that every single rich man is condemned, idiotic and stupid, and they have no idea how the world works, and they sold their soul to the devil and all of them are going to hell after they die. Looks like many people are living in the darkness, but not the poor people, right?

But there are many more movies. The new Jurassic Parks, where the riches are stealing the dinosaurs and killing the poor, “Ready Player One”, where the absolute riches with their evil companies are try to destroying everything, but the oppressed poor guys are just saving the world, as always. Alien series? The evil capitalist company sacrificing good people in order to gain profit (an other demonized word) from studying the xenomorphs. Avatar? An other evil company killing tribes and the nature, but the disabled soldier just prevent everything. Batman gave his wealth to the orphans at the end and left his company, which supported them since. Also without Batman, Gotham now probably already gone, since nobody beat the next super villain. More or less, the only good rich hero we have is Tony Stark. Check the movies, and you will see.

Christian religion is telling you that Jesus were poor, and he was a big fan of redistribution. The only problem is he made miracles, managed endless amounts of fishes to them, along with food and wine from water, while he was truly against the political elites and he was ready to die for it anytime. He was more a free market fan capitalist entrepreneur, than anything else.

Christianity is the root of almost all poverties.

The golden trinity is:

Knowledge is bad (forbidden apple).

Money is bad (loving it, is the root of all evil).

Suffering is good (that’s how you go to Heaven).

Whatever you consider as good on that list, it will erase the others. This is why those all can exist only together. Lovely isn’t it? Basically those three things are the root of all evils.

How many people died because the lack of knowledge?

How many people died in poverty?

How many people died because of suffering?

See? A fine mass killing device. A true butchery. God wants you to be dead. This is the truth.

Just imagine whatever you doing in the Garden Of Eden, no problem, as long as you leave the knowledge of tree alone (one might wonder why they aren’t chopped or burned it to the ground then). You can beat the shit out of Eve, you can torture the animals, you can go for sodomy, you can do whatever evil things you want, as long as you don’t eat from the apple (poor Steve Jobs).

Loving money is the root of all evil? How come? Loving the representative of value is the root of all evil? So basically loving values are the roots of all evil? Loving human progress is the root of all evil? Loving skills are the roots of all evil? The source of the money is humans, who have the ability to create. And every human have the ability to create (except maybe some special, highly disabled people). Loving humans are the roots of all evil?

Money is based on your time, skills and energy. Those three things are making money. And with that money, you can use other’s skills. How can loving this be the root of all evil?

If loving money is the root of all evil, hating money should be the root of all good. By hating money, you are successfully closed the root, the source of all evil. So we can go back to the Garden Of Eden, where we can commit any crime as long as we hate money. Raping children? Killing people? Torturing them? As long as you hate money, all of it will be forgiven… You can be rich if you want, because you can barter stolen things and gain benefit from it, as long as you don’t use money, or while you using it, you hate it.

So constantly generating hate about money will always do the trick.

Suffering? Then go to the torture chamber. Long enough suffering can turn every single human being to a massively evil person. Suffering corrupts the human soul. Maybe this can explain that why the more old some people, the more asshole they are.

So we are now idiots, poor, and busy causing pain for ourselves and for others. Where we can go ever if not to the Heaven??? Heaven must be some sort of asylum for the criminally insane.

Okay, so let’s just reverse those core principles for a moment (no, I was joking, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE).

Ignorance is bad (the forbidden apple of ignorance).

Money is good (loving it, is the root of all good).

Happiness is good (that’s how you go to the Heaven).

Should I explain anything? Isn’t it painfully logical? Isn’t sounds like a God, who totally loving you? By the way, aren’t they say God is everything, therefore he or she is also money?

Many people don’t know it, but there are many interesting things in the bible:

“Matthew said of Judas, "Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself" (Matthew 27:5). Luke recorded Jesus as saying, "Go and do likewise" (Luke 10:37).“

An open call for suicide. They aren’t preaching about this too much, are they?

Hang yourself to the f@ck! Money, knowledge and suffering questions are all resolved.

Okay, let this idiotic, dumb killing device alone and move further to other dumbass claims:

It is spiritual to be poor.

The world is constantly being more and more rich, thanks to the capitalism (an other demonized word). This means, the more we go back in time, the more spiritual people we found. Really? Isn’t it called “dark age” and “primitive age” and so on? How could we lost our spirituality, when we had infinite amount of it back then? Cannibals were spiritualists? Why we needed any stuff then (must have something to do with that apple again)? I guess freezing to death, starving to death, killed by epidemics or animals, suffering and killing each other wasn’t so spiritual after all.

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Then what else is money for? Do you think people are inventing things, which makes them more sad or apathetic? Is money made for causing sadness or to change nothing?

Just imagine a worker, who think money doesn’t buy happiness. That worker is clearly just stealing the money from the company. He put minimum efforts for the maximum money what he can get away with. But true maximum money would require true effort.

Money gives you safety, the opportunity of choice and freedom. Is this doesn’t buy happiness? Nobody deserve money, who thinks like that (and you can bet they don’t have too much).

The whole human progress is about making people happy. Only criminals and politicians have a different opinion.

It is romantic to be poor.

Totally romantic.

Devastatingly superficial.

Wow! Only romantic people can’t pay their bills! They are too romantic to create values.

Turns out, Venezuela and North-Korea is full of spiritual and romantic people.

What is romantic and spiritual in burying your own child, who starved to death? I wonder how they managed the coffin at all.

Is this romantic and spiritual for being unable to feed your family?

Those regimes can always fatten at least one man.

Starving artists.

I guess nowadays starving artists don’t exists. Nor back then. It is insane to think that a painter like Picasso was poor. His abilities were extremely rare, while the demand of his work was high, especially among the riches and rulers. Where are the colours from on his paintings? It was that easy to buy the stuff for it? Give me a break.

Creating anything valuable is a form of art. And they printing money in order to back that good. Art and prosperity are one and the same thing. So where are the poor artists? Nowhere (except in those cases, where they were idiot enough to don’t advertise themselves).

What more we have?

Finite amount of money and resources myth.

Money and resources are infinite things. Money is printed by backing the values. Value creation creates money and it’s buying power, and the human mind can invent infinite amount of values. So you can create infinite amount of money. Resources are finite? What about atom energy? Human technology makes everything f@cking infinite. Cold fusion on the way. Fire was scarce back then. Do you have a lighter now? If those myths were true, there would be not even caves for us! Money is created, not redistributed. The more you create, the richer the world will be.

Wars aren’t started for money. They are started for power!

People don’t rape other people for money!

Terrorism aren’t happening for money!

Genocides and religious genocides aren’t happening for money!

People aren’t worship to the devil for money! Blood sacrifices has all to do with power!

Financial crimes came from the lack of money!

Hitler, Stalin, Mao or whoever control freak idiot not did the things they did for money, but for power!

Greed have nothing to do with money! Greed exist, despite of money, and it existed before money! No connections whatsoever! Greedy people want no money, they just want to separate others from their money by tricks and force.

You can use money for bad things, but you can’t do anything bad FOR money. You can commit a crime because you are evil, because you wants power or because you have a lack of money. But never for money (because it destroys money).

You don’t need money to commit a crime. You pick up a stone and smash someone’s head with it. No money involved.

What is the single one human emotion or attitude, which doesn’t existed before money?!? ZERO!

And loving this is what you call the root of all evil? Before money, there were no sin at all? Everybody was a f@cking saint? No sin, no crimes, no evil?

If you condemn money as a tool, you are completely missing the point.

If really money is the problem, why we aren’t put money in the prison instead of humans?

Imagine the following article:

“A Chainsaw Killed 35 People! We Interviewed The Man, Who Held It!

Interviewer: How does it felt, when that chainsaw killed that many people?

Man With Hokey Mask: It was overwhelmingly terrifying! I was so panicked that I had to ate one of the bodies to release some stress!”

Sounds like some kind of Garden Of Eden again, right?

Materialism is anti-spiritual and superficial.

So what about spiritual books then? You observing the reality, and you give it a material shape by writing a book. That book put some spirituality to the others, who read it. All we see is dimensions are crossing each other. Same with musics. Material things creating spiritual things, and spiritual things creating material things.

Beauty can be a very spiritual thing too. If you going to drive one of those cars, you are going to feel the overwhelming love what is created it. And all of it is for money. The only thing the creators of this car wanting is to sell you what they have created. They wants you to own their cars. Is this what you call the root of all evil? Really?

Historical bias:

Are you familiar with the following names?:

Mao Zedong

Adolf Hitler

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

Julius Caesar

Napoléon Bonaparte

I guess you are.

What about them?:

Lee Iacocca

William Winde

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot

Ányos Jedlik

Donald Davies

Alexander Graham Bell

You probably have no idea. How come? The people on the first list condemned the Earth. The second group upgraded it. And trust me, the second list can be way more longer. And you hardly will be familiar with any names on it.

History are supporting mostly the criminals and killers. The destroyers. Just like the nightly news, right? That’s why you got only bad news constantly. Achievers aren’t matters. And who owns the media? DING!

One kind of invisible heroes are those, who are keeping the shops open, where you can buy. Nobody cares about them.

Worthiness issues.

An other serious factor. People are constantly hammering you with the idea that you aren’t worthy for prosperity. That’s why you feel guilty about having money. And if you feel guilty about something, you are going to avoid it, meaning not-having it. Keep saying yourself that you are worthy for the things you want. As we discussed, you can’t commit a crime for money, only with money. So what’s the deal for not having it? And if you think you maybe going to do bad things with money, this means you are here and now already a bad person. Money just unmask what is inside you. But it is already inside you. So what’s the deal again? Money can be controlled just perfectly. You can learn it. All you need is self-discipline. Just like your body, you can train your soul to be stronger. Many people know nothing about this. And once you unmask yourself, you can heal your negative parts, by changing it. Money can heal you.

Keep saying you are worthy for anything good, until you starts to feel it. It is like a warm blanket on your soul. Then, uphold this feeling. Whenever you caught yourself to loosing that feeling, immediately stop and ask yourself why aren’t you feel that you worthy? Keep doing it in any situations. Treat it as a fact, and not some kind of egoistic way by feeling above everybody else by thinking that they are idiots (even if they are).

Worthiness issues also can came from religious factors, such as the idea of “original sin”. But if the sin is original, this means nobody can do anything about it, because it is completely natural, therefore it is impossible to be a sin at all. See? An other knife in the butchery. Dismiss it forever.

Be objective:

What do you see on that picture? Are you see the street, the fences, the electric poles, the sea of buildings and skyscrapers, or you just see the homeless?

Do you know why deserts aren’t full of homeless people?

When you say there is poverty, are you noticing the riches, or just the poor people? Can you count how many stuff you can buy in the local stores?

Human progress are killing the planet.

Human progress isn’t the problem. The problem is exactly, when you withholding human progress. How do we supposed to solve a problem, when there is not enough money to solve it? When there is not enough money to research it? When the schools producing idiots? Capitalism can speed up to face problems, but it is also speed up to solve that problems. By the way, money doesn’t tell you how to spend it. Nobody withholding you from making forests, fruit gardens or whatever you want.

Besides, alarmism is a trillion dollar business. Never forget that.

Check this out:

Why Renewables Advocates Protect Fossil Fuel Interests, Not The Climate

The Planet Killer Alarmists by @D4D | Honest Cash

Again: it is a trillion dollar business.

Why are they doing this?

It is all comes from the governments. They wants you to need them. You have to be forever dependant, in order to give the power to them. It is not about being rich for them, it is about power. They don’t need as much money, they just need you to be poor. Of course, religions and governments are highly correlated. The same power hungriness. This is the root of all evil. Not the power, but that kind of gained power. Those people are evil, beyond words. They are inhuman, like an insect. Famous leaders are mostly Christians and using their religion for brainwashing (but how can a good Christian be rich, right?)

But money is not made for the politicians. It made for the people. Politicians just constantly capturing it and trying to control it, which is impossible. Money is made for YOU! If you are here on Earth, money is FOR YOU TO TAKE!

Yes, money is the representative of value. It is the medium of exchange. But the ultimate reason they invented is to make everybody rich. There is no other reason, never was, and never can be. So loving being rich is the root of all evil?

More than enough.

You always need more than enough money. If you have less than enough, you are already dead. If you have just enough, you are still in great danger. Many people claim that they need only money for basic necessities, and they will be fine. This is dead wrong. First of all, you are not a fortune-teller, you don’t know the future. Second, you need a big playground, in order to be able to make mistakes. This means you need always more than enough from every goods and services you like. Always! You need constant surplus from everything, just like from air. But don’t be afraid, every single man in the world can have more than enough from anything. This planet is rich, beyond words.

Be proud of money.

Never deny or hide your successes, nor your money. Instead, be proud of it. You should act like a rich and look like a rich. Those who hiding their wealth, success, and apologize for it, aren’t deserving it.

Hard work.

Hard work is a common misconception. It is hard to dig a hole with your bare hands, and highly dumb and idiotic. You should use a shovel instead. Smart work, creative work pays off. The problem is, people are addicted to the physical work because the worker’s class considered as some saint thing. But physical work doesn’t invented a damn thing ever. Mind and the soul are creating things. Physical work just help to build it. Never-ever overvalue physical work. People are actually trying to running from physical work, that’s why they inventing stuff.

Sparing to hell.

Sparing means there is scarcity. Keeping more money by sparing is impossible. Sparing means poverty. A slight squandering will be better. It means you not afraid for spending money, because you have always more.

Limited thinking.

Many sellers have the following mindset: I sell one thing to one man. But the reality is: you can sell infinite things to one man, and you can sell one thing to infinite people. A costumer can go back to you many times. And one costumer can buy many things from you at the same time. There is really no limit on this.

An other limiting belief is the fixed price. There is a price, and they have to pay it. But there is nothing holding them back to pay you more, as a tip.

Think about capitalism like that: if you are a physical worker, every single human being are your potential boss, who can pay you nice amount of money.

If you are selling something, every single human being are your potential costumer.

Now if you are an entrepreneur, you should think like this: every single person in the world are your potential costumer AND your potential worker.

This is what connects the people (with money), yet, people are constantly trying to condemn it.

There is really no upper limit in positive thinking. Treat like your paranoid thoughts, when you are constantly hallucinating about bad events. Reverse it!

Openness for good possibilities is the key.

Astrological idiocy.

Fatalist religions can be devastating to you. Such as the astrology. It categorizes you and it tells you what you can expect. It is completely limiting you by putting your fate in the stars. If your horoscope says you going to have a poor year, and you believe it, your subconscious mind going to make sure that this will happen. Doomed, again. This time it is not the butchery, it is raft on the middle of the ocean, left to the mercy of the wind. Never-ever believe in astrology, no matter what. Those predictions came true, because they programmed the subconscious of the masses. This is just an other trick, and correlated with the religions.

Same with reincarnation. You were bad, therefore you must be poor. And other fatalist idiocy. Now where is the proof? Nowhere! And being poor doesn’t dissolve your sins at all. Being rich can.

In summary: you can not be rich if you have any hang ups about money. You have to erase** ALL OF** the negative beliefs about money. In other words, you can’t be rich if you don’t love money. And if you don't love money, I guarantee you that you don't like to live on planet Earth. Is this really, what you call the root of all evil?

Prosperity means abundance of all good. This includes health, love, joy, valuable information, great experiences and good stuff you can buy. What else can be the ultimate purpose of life ever? And the sign of all of it is money.

Okay, I think we can stop here. I already wrote a book.


I am not an atheist, I believe in God and Jesus. I just don’t believe in religions. My summary of the modern religions is the following: Jews are oppressing non-Jews. Islam are oppressing non-Islam. Christianity is oppressing itself. (I don’t know much about Hinduism, but can’t see they doing any harm).

I believe there are good teachings in religious books, but they are completely corrupted with endless lies, in order to let the preachers to preach explanations forever, which means forever charity from the idiots. Forever explanations is the key. Don’t give money to churches, you are just wasting it. And we should observe the famous teachings, those, which affecting to everybody. The only valuable preacher I found so far is Reverend Ike. He is teaching nothing, but prosperity in the name of Christianity. But he using all kinds of sources, whatever makes the people rich. “God doesn’t have poor children” he says. I found it amazing. The only man, who causing not harm, but good. I discovered him a few days ago, and I can recommend to you. Don’t be afraid if you are atheist or have a different religion his teachings have less to do with Christianity, if any at all. He is just different. I quoted some things from him here.

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