My Life in a Nutshell……

Jun 16, 19

Life for me has been hard to say the least, I was born as a child of a bad alcoholic. Daily beatings with a weeping willow limb, and let me tell you those bastards hurt, cutting skin and whelping from ankles to back of the head for no apparent reason.

Jumping forward a few years, I was 10 or 11 and playing in an abandon house where I shouldn't have been. I ran up the stairs and a piece of broken mirror some how fell and cut my leg just above the knee, nearly severing it. 368 stitches later I was wheelchair bound for 6 months and then on crutches for another 9 months. At the age of 13, I was siphoning gas for a go-kart from the lawnmower. Somehow I swallowed the gasoline, by the time I got to my father (the Alcoholic) he said later that my whole face had turned black and he could see that I was dying. I only remember waking up in the seat of his truck. He had saved me….. I was messed up for weeks from that episode.

At the age of 15, my dad had bought and completely restored a 1976 Ford truck for me. That was a nice surprise for real….. But at 17 I had hooked up with an older woman who was an exotic dancer. We were out one night at her house and when I went home he was drunk again. He started to beat on me and I ran to my truck. I sped off, and he gave chase, shooting a pistol at me. I didn't know at the time that he had hit my vehicle. I went to families house and then noticed a bullet hole about an inch above the drivers side tail light and anyone that knows that truck knows that another inch and I would've taken one to the back of the head. I spent the night at that house and went home in the morning. He was sober and didn't remember shooting at me. He seen what he had done and smashed his pistol on the anvil with a hammer. He quit drinking cold turkey that day.

At the age of 24 I moved to Florida & started painting for a company there. I started at Disney in Orlando, painted inside the park. It is always a 3rd shift job so there are no tourists there. I started doing pills to stay awake all night. Stayed there for about a month. Next was moved to Universal Studios Orlando, I was in charge of painting many of the rides with fine detail, because I have an art background. That job lasted 3 years. It was an amazing job too, ended up painting 90% of the park. Next was sent to New Jersey to do a Budweiser plant. I left that job about 3 months in. I was able to save over $32,000 during my time there. So, I went home to Florida, but that in fact was another of my mistakes….. Being there with no job, and around my addict cousin all the time. I drank a lot and did some speed. Which turned into an addiction of my own.

At 29 I left Florida and moved home to Middle Tennessee. I was home nearly a year and had learned how to make ICE….. Was where I shouldn't have been again, the people in the home were in the middle of making it and boom, the police came through the door. (Note: I was asleep in the bedroom when they came crashing in) I was awaken being jerked out in the floor with a rifle to my head. Needless to say I was arrested and took to the jail with the other 3 people in the home. I have always been known to keep my mouth shut. They pulled me in a room and wanted me to write a statement. That didn't happen, I said I don't know anything and I want my lawyer. Let me go back to sleep….. Needless to say the others wasn't so tight lipped. All in all I ended up getting 8 years for it, because they were told I was in charge (when I was asleep). I went to prison for 3 years and went through a program that changed my life, it opened my eyes on how to stay away from all that shit….. I came home and started my own Business in 2012, That business kept me on the right path for the next 5 years. I still drank quite a bit. During the time of having my business, my dad got sick and my mom couldn't take care of him and his 90+ year old sister. I only worked when I could with my business because I went to care for them. This took several years out of my life. But, I felt that it was my duty to care for family. in 2015 my dad got up from bed and was walking to his chair. His hip broke all by itself, the ambulance came and got him. I followed them to the hospital. When I was allowed to go back there. They were giving him morphine a lot of it. His last words ever was I Hope You Love Me Son. He was transported to another hospital where something else happened. He never spoke again…… ! week later they brought him home and he lasted about 26 hours. He passed away 05-16-2015. His 99 yr old sister came in and kissed him bye. She turned 100 on the 26th of May, and exactly 2 months later she passed away.

I hooked up with an old girlfriend and we are together now. but I feel like I'm only here to pay her bills. So, I take money out of my check and buy crypto a little at a time. I am trying to make a better life for myself knowing that nothing lasts forever. Especially since after the passing of the family I cared for, my sister swooped in and took the home and property. I have nothing…… But I will make my life better. I am trying to build up cryptocurrency and hope it all skyrockets, so I will be able to move to North Florida, buy a fixer upper, and bring my painting and remodeling business back to life. That is my dream. I don't really care if these people here go with me or not. everyday I get more and more signals that they only want me around to buy stuff and pay her bills. No affection showed. just go to work come back and pay something for them. Its getting old for real.

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2 Apr 19 06:06

Wow man, I can relate and I know so many people just like us. My Dad wasn't an alcoholic, not most of the years, just a prick, he was gone by the time I was 10, then my mom kicked me out when I was 15, so I wound up with him again. I had my first drug overdose when I was 17. I've struggled with addiction ever since.

Anyway, getting into crypto is definitely the saving grace. I managed to make some investments early on that just keep paying. If you look at my latest post, I still make money almost every day… the easy way. I want that easy life, you know? But not too easy. I never messed enough with drug dealing to land me in any bad spots.

Anyway, I met a beautiful girl when I was 25. I married her and we had four kids. Five years later she's a nutcase and I'm a single dad. It's hard work being a regular dude in these times, and I've just given up on a real relationship. Women are basically bullshit these days.

Hope this message finds you well, moving toward your goals. I upvoted.

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