Why Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the Future

Jun 16, 19

Many are content with their mechanical disk hard drives (HDDs), just surfing the internet and making word documents. For the average power user, the thought of adding in an SSD doesn’t seem needed. This article goes into detail why SSDs are the hottest new trend and why you are going to dump your mechanical hard drives soon.

SSD’s can be 10 Times Faster

Top of the line SSD’s can be 10 times faster than a high performance hard drive. Speed alone is major plus for PC Gamers and Enterprise Users.

SSD’s Last Longer

No moving parts, that could break over time. The inside of an SSD is a circuit board with static memory.

SSD’s are Generally 2.5 Inch

Same size as a Laptop Hard Drive, although some older models do come in 3.5 Inch. Finding a 3.5 to 2.5 size converter is easy and costs about $10 USD if you shop around.

SSDs are no longer extremely expensive

You could pick up a 1TB Hard Drive for $50 or a 480GB SSD for around $80. Price different is coming down drastically over the past four years.

256GB to 480GB are plenty?

For someone surfing the internet, you don’t need a 1TB hard drive. If anything you’d pick SSD for speed over HDD for capacity. Unless of course you are into downloading tons of movies and need far more storage.

I have a laptop with just a 128GB SSD, plenty good for using it on vacation occasionally.

Less Power Consumption

SSDs draw less power than their Mechanical Hard Drive counterparts.

Enterprise is Dumping HDDs

Now that 1TB SSDs are on the market, the demand to have 3TB or higher HDDs have diminished within Enterprise usage. Some server environments still need massive storage, which HDD’s still fill this void.

Gamers need extra speed

PC Gamers almost always use SSDs, at least the ones I game with. To play First Person Shooter games or any game requiring fast response, you need an SSD to win big.

Everyone is buying them

Ever notice how many of the SSD listings on Craigslist, Offerup and Letgo sell very quickly? There is a strong demand for faster data transfer.

Closing Statement

Not all SSDs are equal, some are high performance enterpise edition. Others are budget versions. The worst SSD is still better than the best HDD.

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20 Dec 18 10:09

Yes, you need an 1tb drive, its almost 2019. However, nowdays you can buy an 1tb SSD for 100€ (i have bought an 1 tb model for that this december). Which is in pair with the HDD prices sort of. SSD-s are faster, however, they can consume more power under full load (but consume less under no load), larger models are heavyer than hdd-s, and they have a limited write lifespan (usually a few 100 tbyte write), and they will double the performance of the system. If you dont write that much to your drive, then it can last for a very long time.

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21 Dec 18 12:21

Yes the 3.5 size SSDs have lower life span due to being far older models. They stopped making 3.5 size now since 2.5 can fit 1TB and beyond.

I bought a 480GB Seagate SSD for around $60 used about 4 months back. It's one of those enterprise grade ones so will last me a while.

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