Op-Ed: Spotting Crypto Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Revised)

2019-07-16T01:14:12.000Z Honest Cash

This guide was designed using characteristics of someone with a serious personality disorder and hypothetical ways to destroy a Crypto Community. This is purely an opinion based article, read into it however you like.

The article has been heavily revised since it’s release last year (2018) and now covers both Infiltrator and Crypto Cult Leader Characteristics

Section 1: Quick Rise to Power and Characteristics

This new person joins your community and gains major influence in the matter of months. He would then gain the respect of minor and major celebrities from within that Crypto group almost instantly.

Things don’t add up

He has academic background in Crypto but was low profile for many years, yet now he is a high-profile celebrity. His academic achievements are fabricated or unbelievably higher than most skilled professionals.

Overly Grandiose

This infiltrator seems to have an unrealistic sense of superior over others. He has a serious disdain for non-technically inclined people and treats Average Joe’s like they are peasants that are not worthy of his time.

Overlay Confident

This guy acts very eccentric and has extremely high goals for his cryptocurrency.

Conspiracy Theories

Does he make up far-fetched conspiracy theories such as some sort of government conspiracy theories that are so nuts no one aside from his true believers even talk about it?

Like he claims to pose as a bad guy to fight the bad guys that put him in power or something completely outrageous most people wouldn’t assume is true.

False Technical Knowledge

Does he know all these hidden truths about Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies that all the technocrat developer and Early Bitcoiners claim are false or unproven?

Lives in his own Reality

Does this Prophetic Leader have a warped view on the world. Trumpian Theories and think he’s winning support, when instead his going down in flames? Does he also fail to realize basic knowledge like moral integrity or can’t behave himself around lower status people that are well beneath him in brain power?

Unaware of others feeling

Is he suffering from Apathy, and unable to have emotions or can treat others with the right amount of respect.

Thinks He a Chosen One

Does this infiltrator think he is above most humans in knowledge and only converses with virtuously skilled professionals with Doctorate or Master’s Degrees?

This Prophetic Leader may secrete believe he is going to fulfill some Biblical Prophecy or change the world at a very large scale.

Thinks he is Immortal or Earned his “Godhood”

Some Snake Oil Salesmen play some religious jargon that they are chosen and have performed so well on Earth that they will become God(s) in the Afterlife.

Lacks Basic Survival Skills

Is this guy unable to figure out how water purification, making tents, basic bush crafting works? This may mean he has been shelter most of his life, maybe for some odd reasons.

Unaware of Lying

Does he still believe his lies after being called out and debunked. If he doesn’t show remorse or any lying body language then he’s got serious issues.

Smears Himself

He is smearing himself with false information to gain publicity and moral support. He will attempt to make it look like people were plotting against him for many years because he craves the lime light.

Harming himself

Does this guy fake attempts on his life? Like some rouge group that’s not real wants him dead. He seems to cheat death and gain more White-Knighters coming to his aid.

Forged Death Threats or Lawsuit Letters

Does he make it sound like there is some sort of conspiracy to convict him of crimes he didn’t commit or harm him for unrealistic reasons. Do these threat letters have very close handwriting to the Prophetic Leader?

Larger than Life

The guy draw a crowd with tons of support as if he is a Living Prophet. He knows what to say throwing red meat at the sheeple, and they drink the Koolaid like it’s Fine Wine. Very charismatic and can sway well.

Sole Source of Information

The Prophetic Leader will become the sole source of gospel. Every Legal Analysis or major revelation will be coming from him.

False Prophecies

He will make outrageous claims that seem likely but are totally fake and will be debunked many months or years later.

Overly Orthodox or Unorthodox

Why is he overly politically correct and orthodox? No one challenges his character or intentions. If he is very unorthodox why is only one faction against him? Should some unorthodox guys despise him as well?

Achievements over Deeds

Why he fixated on his academic achievements over showcasing his moral integrity? Is there something wrong, is he exaggerating his achievements or lying?

Henchmen Army

Why does he have such a mindless army of sycophants following him. Why is it very few followers defected on him spilling the beans?

Physical Appeal

Isn’t odd the suspected mole is very handsome or pretty? Perhaps physical appeal is another way to rope suckers in?

Section 2: Realignment

The mole will attempt a realignment once gaining enough followers.

He is not the only mole?

Perhaps there is two more of them within one community. The people could get suckered and align with the lesser of the two evils.

It’s a diversion?

Perhaps there is a mole turf war to distract everyone so more nefarious actors can sneak in unnoticed.


His sycophants will use these tactics to divided and conquer, while growing his following.

Overriding the consensus (pre-consensus)

Perhaps a developer would plan to make major changes behind the consensus back to gain more influential power or control. Does his programming improvements justify instant passage, or are they low priority updates? Maybe he will try to switch to algorithm that makes him autocrat or part on oligarchy.

Overriding the consensus (Proof of Authority)

Does this guy do everything in his power to control Mining Pools or Stakers or Validator’s so baldy it’s impossible or very unprofitable for a partial regime change? Maybe this Prophet sits as Emperor over transaction validation, the Miners, Stakers, and Validators bow to him.

Overriding the consensus (Developer Dictatorship with Autocrat)

The Living Prophet sits as highest developer and single developer team bows to his every command or code change. The Miners, Stakers, Validators and Junior Programmers can’t break free from the Overlord’s stranglehold. Any developers that fork off are ostracize or patent trolled or sued.

Overriding the consensus (copyrighted work)

The mole might attempt to force closed source work into the crypto community to seal his spot in development. Harder to remove him as his code might need removal and coin would have to revert updates, if he revoked works rights after getting booted.

Changing the consensus (oligarchy of sycophants)

A mole would like him and his close minions to only control the consensus. No one else can gain power except the Prophet and his indentured slaves.

Development Stonewalling?

A mole might try to remove anonymity from a coin and make it perform worst or even add vulnerabilities to appeal to his pro-government overlords. He is a total trouble maker who fights with other developers and sows division.

Smear campaigning of former allies

He would want to flush out everyone who opposes him, including lukewarm allies. Fake information and armies of sockpuppets will smear his enemies until they bow out. 30 Bot accounts attack his critics on Reddit and or Twitter each time they speak out.

Section 3: The Fallout

The mole is very deceptive.

If he lies about everything you can’t dig truth from lies. Information should be found from more reliable sources.

Random enemies of his step down

Why were top critics exposed so badly they threw in the towel? Did they have a change of heart after a big event or after being blackmailed or ostracized.

One mole flushed out but fallback was successful?

Don’t fall for the war of attrition. The lesser devil is still a devil. Is this a PysOp? Does a powerful entity want to see two coins die to stop financial freedom?

Your Crypto Community goes full anti-Fungiablity and pro-KYC/pro-AML

This may be a sign of a pro-government takeover. Is this guy a former government employee, is he a member of government clubs or currently employed by them?

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