Leaving Bitcoin SV

2019-09-09T17:42:05.000Z Honest Cash

I have decided to move on from Bitcoin SV due to many reasons that are a total dealbreaker to me.

Hostile Business Environment

With the threats of legal relation from sockpuppet accounts, and legal retaliation from United American Corp. I believe few legitimate business will back Bitcoin SV. Instead they will pick PayPal, Stripe or Square if they want total government compliance, tax recording systems and far less bad publicity.

Retaliation on Critics

There was a price on Hodlonaut, and Stein H Ludvigsen (Norway) shouldn't have attempted to dox him to Calvin Ayre [1]. Random people reported to law enforcement from Jolly Roger (Cash) SLP Token made by Jimmy N Lose (jim-btc). However, Jimmy N Lose has stated he did not following thru with reporting people to the authorities. Threats of being reported to law enforcement and BSVers tagging SEC on Twitter to stop Simple Ledger Protocol token.

Dr. Craig Wright

Has done everything in his power to screw up his chance at winning over prospective BSVers. Failed to prove himself in court, forged documents galore, plagiarized research papers with limited changes passed off as own work.  Threats of legal retaliation, illegal deep reorg attack (attempted robbery on BCH network), false technical knowledge, fake prophesies, false revelations and basically locking horns with anyone who could have helped him greatly.

Bitcoin SV Roadmap is a Joke

Metanet is never running whole internet which is exabytes in data storage. Terranode is completely forgotten. The argument to revert transaction ordering is redundant and would make Bitcoin inferior according to a few developer critics. You don't need a blockchain to do a filecoin, unless you want to do mass surveillance on people, which would be very tyrannical and completely against Satoshi's real vision. Adding the ability for miners to reverse transaction funds or cancel out if ordered to do so by court. Sun-setting P2SH, mass increasing Op-Return, and breaking Op-Return to "fix it".

CSW and Calvin Ayre Lost Leverage

No longer can the duo dangle the threat of legal retaliation against those who call out CSW for what he has done in court. It's no longer rumors or opinion. Dr. Craig Wright was very disingenuous with the BSV Camp. He deserves to lose support for not being candid with us.

Not Afraid Anymore

I'm done covering for this disingenuous monster who I original set out to purge from the Bitcoin Cash Community. I feared the first person to get served in court would be me, thus I would not be able to financially care for my elderly parents. I have become a fallen angel in Dr. Wright's army of sycophants, my only shot at redemption is telling the truth and running for the hills from Bitcoin SV.

Return To Bitcoin Cash?

Not sure what the future holds but I'm burned out from all the tribal Twitter wars. I'd like to take time off from social media and figure out my next move. Will likely get around to making a BCH WooCommerce Plugin, that's better than the last one I worked on.


[1] https://bitco.in/forum/threads/buip122-closed-remove-norway-from-membership.23840/