Donald Trump Can't Stop Bitcoin (Whatever) 

2019-07-07T23:15:41.000Z Honest Cash

If Trump thinks for a second Bitcoin (Whatever) or most coins for that matter will either bow to banking regulations or just die off quickly from Big Brother meddling, he is living in his own reality again...

Stop Drinking the Clown's Propaganda Spiked Koolaid...

Trump-ism Is Wrong

Trump is the problem with the world. People are so engrossed in watching his eccentric behavior, they chug the propaganda spiked Koolaid and accept him as their Living Prophet. His odd speech patterns and expert "Crooked Used Car Salesman" logic hoodwinks the uninformed sucker. Some shill him like crazy as if he's some up and coming Cult Leader. Some Altcoin Though Leaders have even rid the Trump Wave and adopted his successful playbook.

Stop Shilling Him

"Chump" is nothing more than a failed attempt of another tyrannical dictator. Never had the cult following or enough bureaucratic support to become another Joseph Stalin. It's not funny to shill this unvarnished vulgarian who lives in his own reality.

Bitcoin (Whatever) is Resilient

You can't just kill a coin by shutting down all ASIC Miners Farms. There are various Validator Nodes across the globe that could survive and resume working once Miners are up again.

Even if ASIC Farms become very large and too few due to halving and very low transaction fees, Bitcoin can survive with or without it.

Algorithms are not set in stone for life. If switching over to Server Computer "Byzantine Nodes" becomes the only option to scale Bitcoin at a low cost while being censorship resistant from Tyrannical countries.

Code Purity is Retarded

Bitcoin (Whatever) can change their code base how ever the hell they like. No one can deny each coin that right, not even Satoshi Nakamoto himself who Licensed Bitcoin under the "Permissive" MIT License (v0.1.5 of Bitcoin Core).

Custodial Wallets are a Cop Out

Satoshi Nakamoto gave the world Bitcoin, so we didn't have solely use mutable and custodial systems such as PayPal or Stripe. Using Custodial LN Wallet and Custodial (Insert Coin Here) Wallet, is just a rehash of a PayPal 2.0.

Sure there are various other reasons Bitcoin came to the world. I haven't read all the newsgroup email messages yet but I'll get around to it sooner or later.


RE: Donald Trump Can't Stop Bitcoin (Whatever) 

by @Geri

Trump will stop Bitcoin, and Mexico will pay for it.