First Time Using Honest.Cash

Jun 16, 19


I am new to the Blogging world and am going to try to write some random things on here just to get them out. I am an avid Cryptocurrency user and Bitcoin Cash has the most use cases and is the most fun for me to use. With that being said, I found it VERY easy to sign up and get started with Honest.Cash. The Crypto knowledge needed to get going on here was minimal since you only need to receive some Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Once you have some coin you can start upvoting and writing and it is pretty simple from there. I have been on here an hour and I am already a pro!

I just wanted to share how easy it was to get started. Good luck to all my fellow new users of Honest.Cash

Just a guy writing down some thoughts and ideas that will last forever on the BCH Chain. no pressure...

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