Future Crypto Miner

Jun 16, 19

Being Native American and living in my area, you often get asked about the gold in them hills. I have read countless books, spoke with elders, and met some great individuals who knew more then they knew! I have seen some old Spanish mines, I have seen evidence of them being here. Even though, in Utah, they will tell you they never came this far north. That is a lie. Why lie? Well these mountains hold precious secrets and wonders that the world is not ready for…. yet. One must wonder why there is only one mountain range that runs east to west on earth. It is because this is the original spot of all humans. When time comes, it will be revealed to all. I know from elders, that 2 flat bed trucks took loads of gold more down south… but now… funds are running low trying to find these places that are so well guarded and hidden. I have now stumbled into the crypto world. And of course once I heard about crypto mining I had to investigate!

Well I'll be darned!… this is just as expensive as real prospecting! So I have talked to my wife and she has agreed that this is a great idea and we can start saving $500 to purchase and antminer that has 15th/s. I hope to purchase one completely with BCH or purchase a giftcard with crypto and then buy one which is why I am just going to throw my BCH address out there and hope for the best for any donations. If you would like to donate, I am thinking of offering some free mining days to a mining pool of your choice to help pay back any donors. Thank you! Turgreyuk!


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