BCH is Cypherpunk AF!

2019-09-06T12:08:36.000Z Honest Cash

Up until recently I have been a strong supporter of Bitcoin Core over Bitcoin Cash, however over the last few weeks I have been watching the Bitcoin.com YouTube channel. My viewpoint has begun to change, not because of the bigger blocks and lower fees, although I do see a case for that, but because of the community!

While Bitcoin Core supporters are appealing for acceptance from the very system Bitcoin was meant to free us from, the Bitcoin Cash community is a grass-roots movement talking directly to retailers and are onboarding ordinary people. The Bitcoin Cash community seems to be keeping the  Cypherpunk culture alive! 

Bitcoin Cash people still seem excited by the idea of freeing people from the current monetary system via hands on community organising rather than relying solely on corporations, hedge funds and banks. People in the BCH community seem to care more about the cause than price and more about ending central banking than profiting from it.

Bitcoin Cash is valuable (regardless of price) because of the ethos behind it and the community it is creating. Whatever the future holds, BCH will be part of the story of crypto changing the world.