Try Crypto Trading With Sim Games Like Altcoin Fantasy

Jun 16, 19

Join here to start learning Crypto trading in Fund way: Altcoin Fantasy Game

Trading simulators offer newbies an opportunity to enter the crypto space and get a feel for the market without losing real money. A popular app that does that and more is Altcoin Fantasy. The crypto game can be installed on both Android and iOS devices or played online.

App Educates Potential Crypto Investors

The main purpose of Altcoin Fantasy is to educate potential investors about the crypto space. Players start with some virtual cash in USD which they can spend to acquire over 1,400 coins, including major cryptocurrencies. Then they can trade the digital assets for profit.

Users are provided with rich information to help them make optimal decisions. The app’s interface shows descriptions of the cryptocurrencies, related news as well as historical charts for each of the traded digital coins and real-world market data from various crypto exchanges.

What sets Altcoin Fantasy apart from similar applications is that the platform organizes trading contests between players. Participants can earn ACF points, the game’s own currency, and win real cryptocurrency and other prizes from sponsored contests. Winners are determined at the end of each contest period by comparing their balances converted to virtual dollars.

To play the crypto sim game, traders have to download it and install it on their mobile device and set up an account. They can register for a new contest or pick and join an ongoing competition. During the contest, players can check their place in the leaderboard. Trying the crypto trading simulator is not only risk free but also free of charge.

What other crypto trading simulators do you know? Tell us in the comments section below.

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