Is Speculative Upside Limited by how many people can buy during a buying frenzy?

Jun 16, 19

In my opinion, only currencies that can continue to scale can attract the frenzied buying that makes a crypto continue to soar in price past all time highs. Most of the past soaring crypto prices never hit a scaling limitation. I think BTC showed us what that looks like in 2017. If we get a bull run soon, it appears (to me) BTC will have full blocks by 10K and I think that will cause the price to cap out around 20K again. My belief is that it can't keep rising very far with full blocks. Some might say the inability to send coins during a frenzy will lead to a supply shortage and that will make the price rise even faster/higher. What do you think will happen to BTC if it's blocks are full and a bull run keeps going?

Of course, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been quietly developing code that should be able to scale for a major buying frenzy. I don't think it is ready to scale for full planetary e-cash yet, but, it's team seems to be more focused on achieving Satoshi's peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people than any other cryptocurrency I know about. If BTC stalls and the bull continues, I believe BCH could go crazy… Then it will probably crash quite a bit (with all the coins) when the frenzy finishes. I think BCH could end up with a price that equals or exceeds the BTC price after a bull run if the run is not stopped to save BTC.

Am I mistaken about something?

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