Fusing a greenhouse and a mesophile biodigester of continuous flow to take advantage of the energy resulting from mining.

2019-06-23T10:11:12.000Z Honest Cash

 Using the heat of mining directly to heat a greenhouse seems to me a waste of energy, I think it can be used before, at least a part of that energy, and make it more profitable. A mesophilic biodigester requires energy constantly to stay between 77 ° F and 104 ° F, being inside the greenhouse, all that energy it is reused again.

 I learned to use the 3D modeler for the occasion, I have not been careful with the measurements and the systems of ventilation, heating ... a system to cover the greenhouse at night are not; what I think is essential.

 I put shelves to use the shade areas and to germinate the seedlings of other greenhouses and crops; They also help to retain more thermal energy inside the greenhouse.

Below I list the products and the advantages offered by this "biogreenhouse".

- Gas for tractors and transport

- Summer fruits almost all year round.

- Fertilizer of the best quality.

- Disinfection of all types of pathologies without bad smells.

- Recycling water for irrigation.

- Recycling of proteins, the proteins inside a biodigester decompose into amino acids and precipitate in the background

- Seedlingsfor other crops.


I need to have the opinion of someone who is used to operating biodigesters to decide if I go ahead, I will be happy to discuss the pros and cons with everyone, thank you