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Aug 2, 19

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Using, you can get up to 33% off of your Amazon purchases while paying with Bitcoin Cash.

Purse is a service that matches shoppers, who want to spend Bitcoin Cash and save money on Amazon, with earners, who purchase the items on Amazon in exchange for that Bitcoin. Because it’s being made easily accessible to them, those earners are willing to pay a premium for the electronic currency. That’s where the discount comes from.

Today, I’m going to use to buy a green screen kit.

To start, I could use the search function, but I prefer to search on amazon and then either copy and paste the url into the seach bar, or, if on chrome, chromium, or brave browser, use the browser plugin, which puts a button on amazon product pages that allows you to add those products directly to your cart. The button can be a little slow or buggy, but it’s convenient enough that I still use it.

From your cart, or from the plugin, you can proceed to checkout. There, you’ll specify the discount you want. Depending on the current market for orders, different discounts and order sizes will be filled in varying amounts of time. I’ve been able to get 25% discounted orders under 100 dollars consistently filled in a couple of days. If you’re willing to wait longer, you can always set a higher discount and see if an earner eventually picks it up.

After selecting your discount and shipping address, you’ll be taken to the payment page. Be sure to select “Bitcoin Cash” as your payment method. does support Bitcoin Core payments but, with its unpredictably high fees and slow confirmation times, I don’t recommend trying to use BTC for anything, especially not shopping related payments like this.

From this page, you can copy the address, scan the QR code, or click the link to open your desktop wallet. Because I’ve had issues with purse incorrectly estimating the amount that needs to be sent, I always send manually and add an extra dollar. Any funds left over will stay in your account for your next purchase.

Once the order is picked up by an earner, they will be able to provide links to tracking information from Amazon. It’s worth noting, however, that earners don’t have access to your address or personal information. All that they do is pay for the amazon order. Once the order arrives, you confirm the delivery, and the Bitcoin Cash is released to them by Purse.

Also, Purse does charge a fee for the service they’re providing to both earners and shoppers, so you won’t get quite the discount you select.

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