Poetry in Crosstitution Rips | Confiscated Man

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Your most enduring and important expression is the life you choose to live in the face of enticement, obstacles and coercion to live it according to the preferences of others. Whatever you value most determines your action and everything you think, feel or do is a choice with related costs or benefits. As a consequence of your choices, your life is either confiscated or set free of the limitations imposed on it by fear, deficient circumstances, or other personal capacities.

Censorship resistant platforms present an opportunity to set oneself free. They may present new opportunities for individuals to earn or learn from the ideas shared by others. Many innovative solutions may arise from these opportunities and communities are bound to benefit in the long term. Unfortunately, along with opportunity come potential negative outputs because some will exercise their freedom without regard for the responsibility that goes along with it. It is the ugly truth about humanity, that we are all imperfect and in the process of becoming. Perhaps it is the reason that regardless of the arena where humanity plays out its complex drama of competition, it's only a fool that assumes the ethical conduct of humanity is guaranteed. It will be the most organised and motivated among us, not necessarily the best among us, who will tower above others with respect to the power to make a short-term, self-gratifying impact. Unfortunately, the same among us will cause the worst and most enduring long-term damage. There is much truth to the saying that the walk to freedom is a long one. The path to freedom from oppression and freedom to live in harmony and prosperity will be met time and again, with a lot of well-orchestrated opposition from those far more organised around a love of the almighty fast buck. They will appeal to the hunger, the thirst and the greed of others. They too will appeal to the sentiment that all is not fair, and in that way provide fertile ground for the flourishing of actions that lack an ethical consideration. Unethical actions are things as popular as fast food and are likewise a tasty recipe for self-gratification and self-destruction. Whether something is good or bad has less to do with the nature of the arena than the nature of the people who play their roles in the drama. A new platform will not make the struggle any easier. Every advance will be hardwon and will still demand sacrifice.

The lines below were reworked from a poem written in 2018 after observing the lynching of a character on a blogging platform. I wrote about this protagonist who challenges the boundaries of expression in the face of insult and threat. It's my wish that the lines appeal to the personal circumstances and experiences of everyone who reads them.

Confiscated Man

Deciphering his own desires he offered his plea, Guilty.

Ending the chase he faced the mirror instead

Courting disaster, and tendered the fee for cleansing

Etching his former self-scorn with laughter onto loveless tiles

Negating like a warm stream of piss flying in the face of diligence

Terminating the old draws orange cloaks and blazing crosses

Rallying to his lawn with ignorant flames for a vigil of the macabre

Antagonised reflections of his former self-contempt

Laid down not for a day longer of self-denial

Indefatigably a squash ball of desirous dark rubber

Suspended and smashed echoing the sound of reclamation

Evidence his shame of lies, torn loose of all inferences

Defence was not required for this man had set himself free

© 2018, 2019 Thomas Clothier

27th September 2018, Gapyeong
Collection: Crosstitution Rips

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

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