Poetry from Midday Walks | Re-education and Development

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Re-education and Development

Arise youth, sing once more our nations' song
Echo with melodious notes of amber dawn's breeze;
Approach the time, congregate and recede,
Cling tight the cause which woke us, to Mother's soil throng.

Quicken the Arms, tuck in close the old page of Jo'anna,
Wrest her hopeful lines from the soiled hands of the glossy mandated;
Reconcile her boldness, for long so dastardly truncated
Clutch the last grains for the press, our Sacred Manna.

To bring them to that dusty field in '55, tore flesh from limbs
Day from night, are swollen tics in cuffs and suits
Chalk from gold, are roaches in servitude on knees bent.

Age and again, words shall from whispers rise unto a People's din
Hopes' ideas surface from our deepest human truth
Her weighty lines borne as life water, cautiously on faithful necks.

21st February 2018, Gapyeong

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