Pushing out Flowee the Hub release 2019.01

2019-03-08T11:52:47.000Z Honest Cash

After working for some months (with a winter break) on a new database that is specially made for the UTXO of Bitcoin, I demonstrated some pretty good speedups and throughput which in my opinion is good enough for now. (1, 2)

As I strongly believe in the old open source adage; "release early and release often" I made available a stable version for people to see and play with. The main release is on docker, as that is such a great way to deploy cloud services: https://hub.docker.com/r/flowee/hub

You can install and run with *docker run flowee/hub:latest *where latest will always point to the latest stable version.

More details for running in docker can be found online.

People that just want to download an executable can always find them on gitlab, as the continues integration system there builds them for each push; https://gitlab.com/FloweeTheHub/thehub/pipelines For each build you can find the Linux artifacts which includes the (gui less) hub executable.

As I highlighted on my honest.cash post yesterday, I will be re-focusing on the APIs now to make Flowee a real Hub with lots of services you can build on top. To build a service layer that is frankly still missing in all of Crypto.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or feedback, please reply below or on twitter or in DM. And if you want to support the Flowee project please do that at bitbacker. Don't forget to follow and I will be back soon with more updates.