RideDonkeys Blog Launch/Relaunch! (Test?)

2018-11-23T00:13:52.000Z Honest Cash

This blog is for sharing general topics I find of interest, usually related to boosting productivity or improving life in some way.

I previously launched the RideDonkeys blog on yours.org, which I hope to move over here and/or add to other platforms. When yours.org slowed down due to the moderator's focus on another project, the community also seemed to slow down and my blogging trailed off, but I was also learning the art of just choosing to hit that "publish" button more and overcoming hesitations. I think of topics to post on all the time, but have been overthinking publishing them. 

I'm grateful for the experience of practicing blogging and I hope to share more useful content in the coming year and hope Honest.cash ends up creating lots of value for everyone involved!