Earning BCH in Venezuela!

2019-08-01T06:06:15.000Z Honest Cash
Pic or didn't happen!

So to celebrate these 2 years of BCH I decided to share a bit of my story with you guys since I mentioned last tipping tuesday and /u/LovelyDay mentioned that I should share a bit of the story on the subreddit and I thought, Why not today to celebrate 2 years of BCH?

I'm from Venezuela and I am sure most of you already know what the country is going thru since a lot of you guys are very charitable and drop by a lot in our subreddit.

A little over a month ago I managed to find a post in the subreddit about a team recruiting people for a team for mostly game testing and bug hunting and I said why not apply?

Well I can easily say that was the best decision I've made in the past year. the team at Saito Tech is comprised of pretty cool people and I'm not only doing the bug hunting and game testing activities in our arcade but I'm also starting to transition into a small dev role and hope to provide even more support and value to the team and learn a lot alongside them!

One of the sweetest parts of the deal is that they pay me in BCH and I'm able to use the local.bitcoin.com platform to get some fiat and a personal wallet I have to keep some savings to eventually leave the country? How cool is that? How can you say BCH hasn't changed lives and has no real uses?

I love using BCH as a way to protect myself from inflation, even though there are market swings sometimes, they aren't as bad as the Venezuelan inflation rate so I can always sleep happily knowing my money is safe and even better, could be rising in value as well!

Feel free to ask me anything! Cheers for not 2 but 20 more years of BCH!


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by @ramonoropeza

Saludos hermano, me gustaria ganar BCH. Que posibilidades hay?

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by @Arif2006


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by @Geri

No toilet paper? Its not a problem, because there is nothing to eat! Long live socialism.

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by @btcfork

I was suprised to learn that Saito Tech pays in BCH.

I had thought of them as a BSV-leaning outfit given that they've appeared a few times in close proximity with SV figures and PR, most recently on that discussion panel (I think it was at Deconomy)

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by @trevelyan

hi btcfork,

David from Saito -- Adrian forwarded me this piece by Recc and your comment.   

Just personally, I've been a supporter of on-chain scaling since back before Mike and Gavin launched XT, and can confirm we pay most outside contractors in BCH. We had someone ask to be paid in BTC last month and told them we'd use it if they covered the transaction fee. Needless to say, they decided that BCH was fine.

On the Saito front, we're getting invited to places like Deconomy and Taipei because Saito doesn't have a 51% attack, is not subject to the "scalability trilemma" and has genuinely new and important ideas (we have never paid for a speaking slot). Given that the criticisms we make apply to all POW and POS blockchains, if people are interpreting our pro-scaling stance as partisan support for BSV, that says more about their frame of reference than our criticisms.

I'm personally convinced that monetary networks like BCH will scale, in part because I believe that once people understand how Saito works there will be pressure to backport some of the more essential solutions to POW. If you're interested in one technique, the video below explains how Saito uses a transient chain to maintain permanent assets.


I'm not sure why there isn't more openness to new ideas within the BCH community. If there is anyone in the BCH community that wants to have an open debate or talk about these ideas, I'm more than happy to engage or set something up with a member of our team. From my perspective, there are places where BCH is moving in the right direction, but also many where BCH devs are making mistakes. Some solutions that are being considered (like BloXroute) should be unacceptable on any network that needs to maintain openness on the network layer, for instance.