Spentrade.com a scam…

2019-05-19T08:51:37.000Z Honest Cash

!my first transaction](https://honestcash.s3.amazonaws.com/honestcash/a28yqqm1zzp8xkbhz632njc7a8s3nz9x.jpeg)I have transferred 0.7btc to spentrade account and started trading in it and mare the amount as 1.088 btc … Then when i have clicked on withdrawal it said" Your funds are currently frozen so please do deposit 0/0.02 btc in the wallet so that you can unfreeze your funds… I started earning more btc for unfreezing and today i came to know that it is a scam .. their website is not reachable and their IP is not found on google.
my earnings by trading now the website is shown like this